Save the Corrugated Box From Deformation Due To Overload

Save the Corrugated Box From Deformation Due To Overload

 Packaging of goods is helpful as it protects the goods from damage during transit and is light weighted and cost efficient. It can also be recycled which is good for environmental factors. These boxes are common now a days for storage and shipping purposes. The boxes are stacked on each other to save space, which causes deformation due to overloading. A box Compression tester is used to test the compressive strength of these packaging boxes.

Box Compression Testingevaluates how much weight a packaging box can bear. They are relevant to those concerned in the distribution chain and the manufacturers of raw material. The test involves applying load to the packaging box and replicates the load at the time of distribution and storage. When the force is applied from the opposite side in the inward direction, it is known as compression force.  In many industries, bearing this compressive force is used to judge the calibre of the material.
Due to globalisation, the demand forquality products has increased immensely. So, the quality of productsand the style of packaging have changed to satisfy customer demand. So, the determination of the quality of raw materials and measuring the appropriateness of packaging products as per the condition of its application to secure the contents inside have become a crucial matter for packaging manufacturers. Box Compression Test measures the compressive strength of packages like cans, drums and boxes. The compressive strength is controlled by paper board stiffness and the compressive strength.
In Compression Strength Tester, the system consists of a set of plates in which one is attached to the load measuring arrangement and the other is movable plate. The movable plate is moved by a gearbox, motor, and screw and nut arrangement. It has the facility to over travel and under travel. The load measuring arrangement is digital. The sample is placed on the lower plate and due to the motion of the movable plate the sample box is compressed and the load can be read on the digital indicator.
Presto’s corrugated Box compression tester is high quality and effective machine to measure the compression strength of corrugated boxes. It checks the strength up to maximum level a box can tolerate. It is manufactured to satisfy the need for packaging industries as per international standards. It measures the load range at which the sample box completely collapse and the result can be utilised to predetermine the load for a time frame to evaluate the stacking load.

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