Simple Ways for Testing of ROPP Closures

Simple Ways for Testing of ROPP Closures

A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are packaged in bottles with Roll on Pilfer Proof closures or ROPP caps. Beverage manufacturers use ROPP closures or caps for ensuring that the freshness of their drinks is maintained. Considering the various advantages of ROPP caps, there has been a substantial increase in their popularity and usage.  

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Now, it is essential that ROPP caps comply with specific torque requirements, so that these seal caps are effective and reliable in providing leakage elimination, as well as taste preservation.

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that sometimes the ROPP closures get damaged in the production line while applying sufficient torque for a hermetic seal. Thus, it is necessary to conduct testing of ROPP closures and caps. Manufactures, thus, require a solution in order to ensure reliable, repeatable test data to meet International standards and customer expectations.

What is Torque?

Torque is, basically, the force that can cause an object to rotate about its axis. Understanding and measuring this force is important in several industries, including those manufacturing ROPP caps.

Why do we need Torque Testing of ROPP Caps?

It may not seem very important, but the fact is that the measurement of torque should not be neglected. If the torque required to open a cap is too high, then it is inconvenient for the consumer to open the bottle. On the other hand, if the torque is less, it may lead to leakage of contents/fizz (of aerated drinks) and compromises the taste of the beverage.

Hence, measuring torque is an essential practice for companies who wish to ensure quality, safety and reliability of their products. Benefits of torque testing are as follows:

  • To determine a reliable assembly line.
  • Preventing leakage due to connections that are not tight enough, resulting in loss.
  • Ensuring that connections are not overly tightened and stripped, which could also lead to failure.
  • Torque measurements can provide information on the root cause of a problem identified during the test.
  • Once the problem has been identified, it can be addressed at the source.

How is Torque Testing done for ROPP Closures?

Various types of torque analyzers or torque machine, each offering slightly different features, are available for testing of ROPP Closures. You could choose from a range of four models:

1.    Digital Model-

2.    Analogue Model-

3.    Digital Motorized Model-

4.    Fully Automatic Digital with touch screen-

It’s important to conduct your research before setting out to buy a torque tester. Detailed study & research prior to buying the equipment can help you choose the perfect torque tester that suits your specific requirements to test, calibrate, and monitor torque applications.

Torque should be measured at all stages of the assembly process, including before, during, and after assembly.

Can a torque tester be used for a torque auditing program?

Auditing is defined as a process used to validate, inform and confirm. To ensure accuracy and repeatability, torque calibrations must be conducted.

Auditing is conducted for the purpose of gaining information about how a job was performed, even if it is controlled perfectly. It is a preventative measure which is useful in eliminating the possibility of failure.

Torque auditing is a method of validating the fastening process, the torque tool itself, its design, and the materials used in the application. The three main types of audit methods are as follows:

ü  First movement in the fastening direction

ü  First movement in the loosening directions

ü  Determination of the rotation angle

Prior to purchasing your torque tester, ask yourself whether it is being used for an auditing program. The type of auditing method that fits your requirement will help guide your buying decision.

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