Test Strength Properties of PET bottle for Quality Control

Test Strength Properties of PET bottle for Quality Control

PET bottle Quality assurance has many stages and layers of processes. It includes testing its physical properties, its mechanical and chemical behaviour etc. Among these, the most focused test process in the Bottle packaging industry is the Top Load Testing of PET Bottles. The bottles, which are in huge demand and preferred by a wide range of verticals for packaging their products, experience the top load issue the most. While transporting and storage the bottle are stacked upon one another, thus facing the buckling load for a long time.

Testing the bottle’s resistance capability against prolonging buckling load is a very in-demand property test in Quality control.

Digital Top Load Tester is a hi-tech testing equipment used in various industries to evaluate strength properties of the PET bottle. It is a part of our generation-next range with highly accurate digital controls and strong construction. The semi-automation process is delivered in the motorized tester. It can precisely evaluate resistance strength against compressive buckling load on PET bottles and containers.
Equipped with high-end digital control with display screen where the user can view the test value while the test process is running. The digital control has an Automated Tare & peak hold facility. For sample placement, there are inverted concave jaws, which ensure zero slippage if clamped tightly. Straight, inverted flat plates for sample hold support. The repeatable test can be conducted to achieve higher accuracy in test results. To ensure safety, the user is allowed to switch off the equipment when specimen buckling is encountered.
Digital Top Load Tester can be easily calibrated as per the test standards or the company test requirements while studying the strength properties of the PET bottle. This can be done using the inbuilt calibration feature. Up to several test data is saved in the memory space for later use. Over-load protection is provided. The applied compressive force is uniform at every surface point to achieve higher accuracy in test results.
Bright LED light is installed on the display screen to have a clear vision at any time and space. Operation buttons are smooth with feather touch technology.

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