Testing the Corrugated Boxes for Crockery Delivery

Testing the Corrugated Boxes for Crockery Delivery
Crockery are the luxurious part of every dinner party. Weather it’s a wedding or a simple get together, the crockery dinner set or cups and tea-set are something which shows off everyone’s status and reputation.  They are shown to please the guest and make them feel special at the dinner event. But as luxurious the materials are, they are also very sensitive.  They can easily break down to pieces, which is why it is important to take a special care of them. In this post, we will see how the Box compression testing machine has a huge role in ensuring the safety of crockery by testing the carton boxes.
The crockery which includes dinner set of plate, bowls and spoons, and the tea sets which include the cups and their plates are when manufactured required a very safe and secure mode of transit. Sometimes the material manufacturing company is on one side of the nation and the design company is on the other region. In this case, to coordinate they need to transfer material from one location to another. The manufacturing unit need to transfer the raw plates to the region safely. They must ensure that plates don’t break at all. And then when they reach to the designing section, they gets the design beautifully, and then again they need to transfer them to the main market. Therefore, it is very important that in between anywhere the crockery is not damaged.
The packing section of any industry trust on strong packaging material. Pone of the strongest material is corrugated box. They are meant to be the best packaging material till date. The manufacturer of crockery also trust on the strength and safety these boxes provide. They understand the protection need and which is why they chose the carton boxes. But it is also important to check that the boxes you are using have enough strength or not. The most trusted testing instrument for this need is the Box compression tester.  
The tester is made up of heavy and strong body. It is equipped with unique compression plate which exerts uniform level of forces on the testing sample box. The box will be placed at the platform which offers no slippage of the testing specimen. The compression plate compresses the box till it buckle or burst. The force at which it got buckled is noted on the digital screen.

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