Testing Top Load Resistance of PET Bottles

Testing Top Load Resistance of PET Bottles

The PET Bottles are manufactured for a variety of purpose for instances they can be a source of beverage packaging or may be a medicine container. With its varying purpose of use, they are also expected to be strong enough to take up any kind of stress they encounter. Like for example, the bottle manufactured and got filled with chemically strong liquid are loaded on a truck to be delivered at a location. But meanwhile traveling, few poor quality bottles, are loosen their resistance and burst out of vertical load faced. This is the time when they release the inside content and the manufactures can have a huge loss of money.

To avoid such situations, the PET bottle must be checked for its quality and its resistance strength of taking the load. Material testing instruments like Top load tester are used to conduct quality control test on PET packages and see how much amount of load till what time a container can survive. The test equipment defines the load amount at which the bottles will start buckling and there is danger of content leakage. The tester is equipped with Inverted Straight Compression Plates which are specially designed to apply a predefined amount of load on the specimen bottles. The load application plates ensure that the hold is firm while applying load and the bottles do not slip away.
Safety limit switches are part of the machine which protects from over travel during the test process. It ensures that the compression plates do not move over the predefined travel limits. This saves the unwanted errors form damaging the report and disturb the analysis. The microprocessor digital based display screen delivers accurate test results read out. The program behind the digital conversion of the force application is based on precision based software. The compressive buckling load of a machine is obtained on the screen can be used for further assessment. The sample is held between the concave jaws and seen that it ensure zero slippage of the sample. It also records the peak load at which the bottle got buckled. 


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