TP810 Spectrophotometer - Best Solution For Extruded Plastic Color Measurement

TP810 Spectrophotometer - Best Solution For Extruded Plastic Color Measurement

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Types of Extruded Plastic

Windows frames, weather stripping, deck railing, vinyl siding, plastic films and sheets, pipe & tubing, wire insulation, etc. are the examples of extruded plastic products. These are the high-volume manufacturing processes in which raw material is first melted and then processed to provide an exact shape. Many manufacturers of color measurement instruments supply high-quality of color measurement systems to help the plastic producers to manage the consistency of the colors of plastic products to meet the standard of quality efficiently in order to offer outstanding quality of products to the customers.

Color Measurement Instruments – To Test the Quality of Extruded Plastics

Plastic production requires effective use of materials and tight tolerances. Maintaining a level of color quality can be a challenging task that often leads to wastage of material, completely shutdown of the line, extensive involvement of the operators and product rework and scrap. Presto understands such kind of challenges and offers a complete range of products for testing laboratories to measure and monitor the colors that are designed to reduce down the waste and improve the efficiency.

Solution by Presto for Extruded Plastic Color Measurement

From last so many years, Presto is serving the testing requirement of the Plastic industries with the high-quality of color measurement solutions. One of the best testing devices that Presto offers for Extruded Plastic Color Measurement is TP 810 Spectrophotometer. Most of the manufacturers in plastic industries, blindly trust the reliability and quality of the Presto products. To check more products and range of color measurement devices, visit:

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