Use Highly Accurate Polariscope To Determine The Defect

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The PET Industries use Preform to produce the PET products that are manufactured with the help of high-quality of Preforms. The low quality of preforms does not allow to provide high-quality of PET products. Hence, only the best quality of Preforms must be produced by the manufacturers in PET & Preform industry to make the best PET products to their customers. Various tests are performed by the manufacturers to detect the defects in the preforms and assure the quality of the preform.

The effect of neck lens, the effect of the bottom lens, uneven distribution of material and so forth occur in Preforms during manufacturers process. Polarized light is used to identify the uniformity of the material distribution with the help of best testing instrument “Polariscope Strain viewer”. This device is best known for detecting the types of defects that occur during material distribution. The Polariscope allows accurate quality measurement of preforms.

Testing Equipment Aids Detecting the Strain Distribution

Presto offers high quality of testing instrument in Nigeria. Presto provides the manufacturer of Pet & Preform testing instrument with highly accurate laboratory testing equipments that helps to detect the strain distribution defect of the Preforms accurately.

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