Assess Ductile & Tensile Strength of Various Specimen with Tensile Testing Machine

Assess Ductile & Tensile Strength of Various Specimen with Tensile Testing Machine


The tensile testing machine is a lab testing instrument designed by the experts by the Presto Group for the determination of the tensile strength or ductility of a specimen. This laboratory testing instrument is a universal equipment for polymer, textile and flexible paper packaging industries.

The tensile testing machine is commonly addressed as a UTM machine because of its ability to universally measure the tensile strength of specimens from various industries. This testing instrument ensures consumer satisfaction by measuring the strength of these specimens at earlier stages and deriving their uncertainties so that the manufacturer can adhere to them and deliver a fully-fledged product to the customer.

Working of a Tensile Testing Machine

The UTM machine is an extremely well-designed & ergonomic product because of its hassle-free working even after having the ability to perform both tensile and compression tests on the specimen.

The sample can be cut manually but for precision and accuracy, the Presto Group offers an additional dumbbell cutter for cutting the specimen into the shape of a dumbbell allowing the jaws to precisely grip the specimen while performing the test for accuracy and consistent results.

The tensile strength tester enables a manufacturer to measure the elongation and the durability of the specimen by holding them in between the two grippers that vary from sample to sample.

The sample is now held between the upper and the lower jaw wherein the upper jaws stay stagnant and the lower jaw moves downwards i.e. the opposite direction of the upper jaw forcing load on the specimen, resulting in elongating or breaking it from the middle.

The grippers/jaws move away from each other through the motorized circular lead screw ensuring smooth movement of both grippers away from each other.

The peak load and elongation that the specimen withstands before breaking are marked and indicated on the digital screen. The values from the tensile strength tester can now be seen on the connected device with the support of a one-way software, called Zeus Ultimo 3.0.

The UTM machine is termed with this name because of its ability to perform various tasks:

1.   Tensile Test

2.   Compression Test

3.   Flexural Test

This makes the machine a highly competent lab testing instrument. The tensile testing machine also makes sure that customers will get accurate testing results by enabling up to 37 parameters, all of them in compliance with ASTM & ISTM standards.

Characteristics that makes it No.1 Testing Machine among manufacturers

The tensile testing machine offers a wide range of grippers designed in accordance with the specimen. The grippers differ from each other in shape, size & surface. Some of the widely used grippers are zig-zag, wedge, diamond as well as vice.

Presto being the top tensile testing machine manufacturer has made sure to provide a lead screw in a circular shape that is motorized to ensure smooth functioning of the jaws/grippers for highly accurate and precise results.

The machine is able to conduct a tensile strength test with so much ease and at an expeditious speed because of the accurate separation of the jaws adhering to the load cell.

The tensile testing machine also offers a very important feature of the limit switches that assure the safety of the specimen and the machine from over traveling and also safeguard the operator from any unforeseen incidents caused due to over traveling.  

The tensile testing machine manufacturer has constructed the instrument in such a manner that it is able to perform various tasks with the same hardware that not only enables but also urges a manufacturer to choose the machinery for cost-efficient measures.

The tensile strength tester also offers an additional instrument by the name of a dumbbell cutter, which accurately cuts the specimen into dumbbell-shaped peels which makes the testing process even more precise and thus derives accurate results.

For a hassle-free and easy-handling experience consistently, the tensile testing machine offers an automatic return-to-home setting once the test is fully performed to reduce the scope of human error and also provide stability to the operator after the test is completed.

The instrument is backed up with Zeus Ultimo 3.0 software that allows testing results to be measured with 37 parameters and also provides data collection easily through Excel or PDF reports. The software also provides a compilation of graphs for simple & easy analysis of the result, allowing the manufacturer of the specimen to keep track of their weekly/monthly/yearly analysis.

All these features accumulated together allow the machine to perform the tensile strength test with extreme precision and accuracy repeatedly at short time intervals.


The tensile testing machine is an ergonomically designed, precisely manufactured as well as a feature-rich lab testing instrument assuring accurate testing of the ductibility of a specimen. The machine is known as a UTM machine because of its ability to perform various tests universally on different specimens and derive the results into numerous parameters ensuring compliance with ASTM & IS standards.

The machine is an all-in-one instrument that urges manufacturers from various industries to buy tensile strength tester and ensure that their specimens will accurately be tested. The instrument saves a lot of money for a manufacturer by performing various tests, making the lab testing instrument a cost-effective as well as an efficient option for manufacturers from different industries.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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