What are the key parameters to remember before using Presto top load tester for jars?

What are the key parameters to remember before using Presto top load tester for jars?

PET bottles and jars are widely used in the bottle testing industry. The manufacturer of these bottles & jars also faces various problems after the manufacturing of these products as the bottles are stacked together whether filled or empty, which results in the deformity of these bottles.

When the end consumer receives the deformed bottle with a tag of the manufacturing company, the brand faces a lot of backlash. To ensure the brand reputation and keep building on the brand value, it is important for the manufacturers to provide the highest customer satisfaction by checking the quality of the bottles & jars early on.

The Presto Group has designed a highly advanced lab testing instrument for the testing of bottles & jars called the top load tester. Just like the name suggests, this testing instrument is also top-notch when it comes to assuring quality and improving the working mechanisms of bottle testing against top load.

The top load tester exerts a compressive buckling load on the bottles & jars, simulating real-life stacking experiences. Once the bottle deforms due to the exerted compressive pressure, the instrument determines the peak value that the specimen was able to withstand and the deflection of the specimen after the deformity due to the compressive pressure that the compressive strength was not able to stand.

Key Parameters for the Usage of Top Load Tester

There are certain aspects that an operator must take care of during the testing of PET bottles & Jars to ensure high levels of precision and consistent accuracy.

·    It is vital for the operator to make sure that the specimen does not have any closures attached to it. For example, in the case of measuring the compressive strength of a bottle, it is important to eradicate the presence of a bottle/jar cap that is closing the bottle as it will lead to the creation of a vacuum and the actual compressive strength will be disrupted.

·      The Presto Group has assisted the manufacturers of the designated industry and the operators of the instrument with sample placement markings on the platform of the top load tester for bottles to correctly position the specimen and attain higher levels of accuracy.

·      It is crucial for the operator to turn off the load when the maximum peak value is recorded by the instrument in order to ensure safety and security.

·      To assess the ability of the specimen to withstand compression, it is mandatory for the operator to adhere to the first & highest recorded peak value of the specimen.

·      The computerized model enables the operators & manufacturers to simply assess the data of maximum load & deformity of the specimen through PDF & Excel formats for precise studying and application of further corrective measures.  

·      The size of the sample must be complied with the size of the instrument. The twin screw model is dedicatedly designed for the big bottle & big jar testing purposes because of its wide & big compression plate.

This ergonomically designed lab testing instrument aids the operator with its feature-enriched construction, allowing single-handed functioning and a simplistic working module for repeatability.  

Features of Top Load Tester

The top load tester can deliver accurate results consistently due to the features constructed within the instrument by the Presto Group.

·      The first & foremost feature that the lab testing instrument is equipped with is the availability & accessibility of the instrument to measure the compressive buckling load of various types of specimens like PET bottles, jars, cans and other related products.

·      This bottle instrument is offered with an automatic load sensor that senses through high-quality and advanced technology, allowing the load to automatically drop down to zero when the highest load value is achieved and recorded.

·      The computerized model enables the specimen’s manufacturer to access the data of the highest buckling load recorded by the top load tester for jars & bottles to be extracted with ease through Excel sheets and PDF formats.

·   The standard compliance allows the manufacturer to attain accuracy with a standard set speed and also enables the manufacturer to gain a sense of assurance due to the compliance & backing of the Presto Group.

To make the most of these top-quality features, it is vital to adhere to some factors during the installation of the top load tester for PET bottles.

Installation Aspects of Top Load Tester

The instrument is a very well-engineered and precisely constructed lab testing instrument that delivers accurate results consistently to the manufacturers of the PET industry. The accuracy levels are increased with the correct installation measures.

·      The top load tester for jars & bottles is designed as a floor-type laboratory instrument. Therefore it is imperative to position the instrument on an even surface that can withstand the weight of the instrument.

·      The instrument should also be connected to a computer that supports the wintest software offered by the Presto Group for easy as well as quick accessibility of the data

·      It is important to calibrate the machinery at regular intervals for enhanced durability and longevity of the instrument.

·      The top load tester for PET bottles & jars must be kept near a power plug that allows a constant supply of electricity at all times and it is also important to make sure that the instrument is kept in a spacious environment.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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