What are the Necessary Considerations while Choosing a Torque Tester?

Torque Tester

Bottles have emerged as the most efficient liquid packaging products due to their easy portability and enhanced durability. These bottles are widely used by the packaging industries to ensure the maximum integrity of the liquid.

These bottles have an integral part called bottle closures or bottle caps, it becomes highly necessary for the manufacturer of bottles to ensure the right amount of sealing to the closure so that they are easy to open but still firm enough to prevent any kind of contamination.

The aerated drinks’ bottle caps are designed with the most precise engineering as the closures need to be firm enough that there should be no vacuum leakage but also should not be so tight that the end-consumer faces issues opening it.

To attain the right torque required to open the bottle closures, Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. has offered manufacturers of the bottle & closure manufacturing industry a bottle cap torque tester.

The Torque tester is a statute of high-class engineering as it aims to serve manufacturers in ascertaining the torque strength required to open different bottle closures over different bottles. Below we have listed some common FAQs related to bottle cap torque tester that you must read.

Ques. How does the bottle cap torque tester function?  

Functioning Process of the Bottle Cap Torque Tester

The torque tester is a lab testing instrument designed with an extremely simplistic mechanism that aims to assist the operator in determining the angular or rotating force required to open up a bottle closure.

To begin with the torque strength assessment the operator must place an enclosed bottle on the designated specimen positioning plate.

The instrument is incorporated with four tightening knobs connected to a wheel handle. The operator can now tighten these knobs with the help of the wheel hand to firmly clamp the specimen and make sure it does not move during the opening of its closure.

The instrument is designed with an HMI-based touchscreen which can be fully utilized when it comes to the profiling of the specimen before the specimen’s closure is opened.

The operator can now simply open up the closure of the bottle or the specimen. The torque exerted by the opener of the bottle is indicated on the HMI-based touchscreen, aiding the operator to keep track of records with absolute ease which later helps the operator in critical analysis & comparison of the derived results.

The instrument is widely used in industries like pharma, beverages, liquor & bottle manufacturing because of its ergonomic & simplistic functioning process. You can also read more on how to measure the torque in the simple manner. 

Ques. What features should be considered while getting your hands on the bottle cap torque tester?

Features of Botte Cap Torque Tester

This bottle testing instrument is loaded with features, besides its simplistic functioning process. It is the features of the instrument that aid manufacturers in achieving such accurate levels of testing.

The instrument is equipped with a safety pin which contributes to the safeguarding of accuracy. The safety pin locks the base plate when not in use to make sure that the base plate does not move on its own until required by the operator.

The instrument is equipped with four tightening knobs that support strong & firm clamping through the pegs/holders of the instrument. The clamping mechanism makes sure that the bottle does not move during the course of testing due to its zero-slippage construction by Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd.

The instrument is also equipped with the smartest HMI-based touchscreen that enables the manufacturer to profile the specimen and enhance the accuracy & repeatability of testing.

The instrument also contains features for data tracking such as the ability of the equipment to keep track of 10 previous recordings and a provision of carrying out thermal print of the derived results.

The instrument is also offered with calibration weight to enhance the assurance of accuracy and gain the trust of manufacturers from different industries.

The construction of the bottle cap torque tester is a feature in itself as the instrument is constructed with lab-grade stainless steel material to avoid any scope of rusting and the usage of mild steel material is also covered with 7-layered powder-coated paint for a corrosion-resistant finish.

The ability of the instrument to test different sizes of bottles & specimens acts as a very cost-effective investment for manufacturers at the torque tester price it is offered as they don’t have to buy different instruments for differently sized specimens.

All these features combine together to contribute to the simplistic working mechanism of the instrument along with accuracy-driven results consistently.

Ques. What are the installation aspects that should be taken into consideration?

Installation Aspects of Bottle Cap Torque Tester

The instrument is constructed with an operator-friendly as well as accuracy-driven approach. However, both aspects rely hugely upon the correct installation of the instrument. Here are some installation factors that will assist manufacturers in conducting tests & achieving accuracy.

·       The instrument is manufactured to be placed on top of a bench due to its bench-type design. The instrument must be placed on a durable and even surface at a suitable height.

·       It is important to keep the instrument connected to a 220 V; 50 Hz power output for constant support of electricity when the testing is underway.

·       The instrument should undergo regular maintenance to ensure longevity & hiccup-free running.

·       The operator must adhere to the quick start guide and all the instructions listed in the manual provided with the lab testing instrument.   

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If you also want to determine the angular force required to open bottle closures with absolute ease, you can straight away place an order for the bottle cap torque tester. To learn further about this lab testing instrument, visit our website or directly talk to us via phone call at +91 9210903903, you can also e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. targets to provide the finest level of quality in the lab testing instrument to make it facile for the manufacturer to assess & evaluate final products before dispatching them for delivery.


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