What is the Maximum Load Capacity of the Digital Tensile Strength Tester?

Digital Tensile Strength Tester

There are a ton of materials that are used in various production techniques and construction processes. These materials are used in various industries due to their durability and seal integrity once intact.

The manufacturers use these materials to a great extent to safeguard the items packed within and ensure safe & secure delivery without worrying about transit hazards.

The durability of these flexible packaging materials is only possible when the manufacturing of these materials is up to the mark. Manufacturers of these materials run various testing measures as per different standards to critically examine the quality of materials.

These materials are stretched during storage and transportation hazards which exerts a pull force on them, increasing the scope of rupturing and tearing these materials and thus contaminating the item packed within.

The Presto Group has curbed this issue of manufacturers of flexible paper & packaging materials by introducing a highly futuristic lab testing instrument called the tensile test equipment.

The machine is designed with absolute precision to determine the ability of the material to withstand load & elongation. Thus aiding manufacturers in assessing the durability of the material before it is out for utilization by the end consumer.

It is extremely pivotal to understand how the lab testing instrument functions and performs tests to achieve such high levels of accuracy.

Working Mechanism of the Tensile Test Equipment

The instrument works on an extremely facile mechanism to aid the operator in getting used to the working of the instrument super quickly and performing tests with absolute precision.

The testing commences only after the conditioning of the sample with the help of an additional accessory called the dumbbell cutting press. The accessory carves out a dumbbell-shaped specimen from the original element which enhances the accuracy of the instrument due to the precise positioning of the sample within the jaws of the instrument.

Once the specimen is carved out of the material by the dumbbell cutting press, the operator must make sure that the specimen has a minimum length of 25 mm because the gripper-to-gripper separation of the tensile test machine is 25 mm.

The specimen is then positioned between both jaws and firmly clamped to ensure no movement or zero slippage during testing to avoid any scope of inaccuracy.

The lab testing equipment uses a constant rate of traverse method to conduct the testing. In this testing methodology, the lower gripper travels away from the gripper situated on top which remains stationary at one position. The lower gripper moves back & forth at a speed of 300 mm per minute exerting pull & load on the specimen and therefore, forcing the specimen to elongate or break.

The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the maximum load a specimen was able to withstand as well as the elongation that took place due to the constant rate of traverse method testing.

The display enables the operator to simply record the results and also keep track of the previous ones with absolute ease.

This is how the instrument simply assesses the quality of materials against load & elongation through a methodology of constant rate of traverse. The tensile test universal testing machine is also embedded with high-quality features that are no less than state-of-the-art technology.

Top Quality Attributes of Tensile Test Equipment

The tensile test universal testing machine is equipped with certain attributes that aid the operator of the instrument to perform tests with absolute facile and no hassle at all.

One of the most prominent features of the instrument is the gripper-to-gripper cross-headed separation of up to 700 mm forcing a lot of load on the specimen and these same grippers can come as close as 25 mm. The wide coverage of the grippers performs the testing expeditiously and derives absolutely accurate results over & over again.

The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that depicts the maximum load value as well as the elongation of the specimen. Allowing the operator to keep track of records as well as critically examine the results with previous ones due to the memory hold button.

The tensile test machine offers different kinds of grippers for variable specimens to make sure that these specimens are clamped firmly without any sort of slippage or movement while the testing process is underway. The provided grippers have rugged surfaces in a zig-zag pattern, diamond-cut pattern, wedge pattern as well as vice pattern.

The tensile test is conducted under the safety attribute of limit switches that ensure the overtravel safety of the grippers. This is one of the most crucial features as it avoids damage to the specimen as well as the instrument itself.

The equipment also offers an anti-corrosive construction due to the incorporation of stainless steel & mild steel coated with 7-layered powder paint to enhance the rustproofing abilities of the instrument and allow the operator to use the machinery for the long term.

The incorporation of feather touch controls along with a rotary switch within the control panel of the tensile testing equipment promotes single-handed operations and also allows the operator to complete tests expeditiously, considering the deadlines the manufacturing industry operates on.

The additional accessory provided along with the instrument is also not short of any quality attribute as it ensures accuracy at the very initial stage by conditioning the sample precisely for the testing measure.

Get your hands on the Tensile Test Equipment As Soon As Possible

To enhance the quality of materials, you can also order a tensile test machine right away and stay a step ahead of your competition when it comes to quality products. To seek further information, do not think twice about visiting our website, and to place an order or post feedback by sharing your experience you can simply contact us via phone call at +91 9210903903 and you can also e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com.

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