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After the successful manufacturing of hundreds of testing products, Presto has widened its product programs with Color matching cabinet. The testing instruments is suggested to fulfil the requirement of matching different colors in diversified industries, namely, Paint & Plating Industry, textile industry, Plastic industry, paper & packaging industry and more.

Colour Matching Cabinet


The instrument is used to maintain quality of the product and for measuring color consistency. The apparatus provides a standardized environment for visual assessment and evaluation of color. The machine works on the principle of metamarism. It is a methodology where the test specimen is placed to match under one source of light and seems different when  analyzed under another source. To gauge the effect of different lights on a product, the testing instrument is highly beneficial to use.

The laboratory equipment is available in three different models as per the light sources of Asia, Europe and USA. The testing equipments strictly adheres to ISO and ASTM standards.

Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum Asia) – The assessment of the samples can be carried out under five light sources, namely, Artificial daylight D 65, Tungsten filament light, Cool white light, Ultra violet black light and TL-84Triphosphor fluorescent light.

Euro Spectrum Cabinets, supports five light sources for the visual assessment of products, namely, TL-84Triphosphor fluorescent light, Artificial daylight D 65, Tungsten filament light, Cool White light, Ultra violet black light.

Moreover, as per the Presto’s Color matching cabinet USA spectrum, test samples can be matched under six different light sources, Custom Illuminant UL-30 (Ultralume 30 or UL-3000), Cool White Fluorescent (4150K, Office Lighting Wide Band Fluorescent, D 65 (6500k, CIE D65, Average North Sky Daylight), Illuminant “A” (2856K, Typical Incandescent Home Lighting), TL-84 Light and Ultraviolet (Filtered near UV).

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