Wall Thickness of Pet and Packaging Materials

Wall Thickness of Pet

Giving prime importance to the uniformity to the wall thickness of the containers, Presto Group has joined hands with Olympus and has recently released MagnaMike 8600, a thickness gage into non destructive testing, to help manufacturers to precisely measure the wall thickness during the manufacturing process. The readings on the instrument are helpful in evaluating whether the given thickness of the container is optimum to fill different materials in it or not.

Presto defines MagnaMike 8600 to be a portable thickness gage which is into non destructive testing. No doubt, the company has made the instrument to be user friendly to let anyone operate it easily. Most commonly, it is used for measuring thickness of the non-ferrous materials, including plastics, foam, water tanks, preforms, PET, aluminum, etc. It has not been too long since the product launched in the industry, yet the buyers have shown great enthusiasm towards its purchase due to its reliability and accuracy in results.

Wall Thickness Gauge-Digital

Presto has implemented the principles of Hall Effect Technology to design, create and use this instrument. In simple terms, the Hall Effect is the measurable voltage difference (known as Hall voltage) across the electrical conductor and transverse of an electric current in conductor and the magnetic field perpendicular to current. Following the same rule proposed by Edwin Hall in the year 1879, Preto has brought MagnaMike 8600 to make the container’s wall thickness measuring task easy for one and all. Coming back to the operation of the MagnaMike 8600, the access is given on both the sides of the container to measure the substance’s thickness. The magnetic probe is placed at one face and the other side of the container the ball is fixed. The probe’s sensor evaluates distance between target ball and the probe tip. At the same time, the measured readings are displayed on the colored screen to show different measurements.

To update the interested buyers, this Magna Mike 8600 wall thickness measuring instrument features fast measurement update rate up to 60 Hz, large color VGA display, replaceable wear cap, Hall Effect gage with precision thickness measuring facility up to 0.001mm, option Li-Ion battery having 12-13 hours operating capacity, impact resistance probe design and it is majorly used for measuring thickness within the range of 0.001mm to 25.4mm. So, make sure you buy this useful and unique device to meet your requirement from Presto’s official website. Get one before it runs out of stock.

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