Box Compression Tester in Bangalore

Corrugated Box Compression tester is utilized to imitate the compressive load which is experience while warehouse storage or during transport. At this stage, the corrugated or carton boxes are often kept each one on the other box. Now you can have Box Compression Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka with unlimited access to expert testing solutions.


The corrugated boxes which are used for packaging or storage purpose must be tested against elevating compressive load. The high-quality carton box manufacturer ensures that their packages can face extreme loads for a long time period. To test the quality standards of carton boxes, the only reliable testing solution will be Box compression tester – Digital model. The machine is designed by Presto Stantest and is supplied to all regions of India. Box Compression Tester is also supplied in Bangalore. The test machine is equipped with a twin column and is rugged structure. Has a strong compression plate which is used to exert a vertical load on the specimen boxes. When the machine is switched and commanded to push the plate automatically moves down till the command is not aborted. The compression plate is equipped with a load cell which ensures that the compression force is distributed on the specimen equally and uniformly at each corner of the box.

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