Test the Peel Strength of Materials with Precision with a Peel Strength Tester

Test the Peel Strength of Materials with Precision with a Peel Strength Tester

The Peel strength test is widely employed to ensure adhesive quality control in diverse industries. Yet, manufacturers often overlook the importance of ensuring the quality and standardization of the testing equipment itself. It is crucial that the chosen instrument not only aligns with global test standards but also provides accurate test data.

Presto offers a solution of high quality, featuring flexible peel test facilities. Presto is a leading peel strength tester manufacturer  in Asia  and designs this quality lab testing equipment that is designed to test the peeling ability of adhesive materials of the substrate when peeling force is applied to it. This high-quality peel-strength tester has been made in accordance with testing standards and helps manufacturers ensure quality materials will be delivered to the customers. 

Here, we will discuss everything that you must know about the Presto peel strength testing instrument and how this quality testing equipment will help the manufacturers deliver quality materials. 

Conduct Peel Strength Test to Ensure Adhesive Quality

In different industries, adhesive packaging plays a vital role in uniting diverse elements of packaging using a variety of materials.

Understanding and measuring the peel strength of adhesives are essential aspects of quality control. The peel strength indicates how well an adhesive can withstand external forces and stresses. This information is valuable in ensuring the reliability and durability of adhesive bonds in practical applications. By conducting peel strength tests, manufacturers can identify adhesives that offer optimal performance, contributing to the overall quality and longevity of the bonded materials in packaging.

As new packaging methods are introduced, the use of adhesives in the industry has gained heightened significance. 

Additionally, high peel strength offers extended bonding capabilities with substrates, ensuring prolonged efficacy. For effective product testing, the Presto Peel/Seal/Bond and Adhesion Tester Digital model stands out as a high-quality option. Presto, a reputable manufacturer of peel strength testing instruments provides various models of top-notch testing equipment to meet diverse needs.

With the help of the Presto peel tester machine, manufacturers of the paper and packaging industry can easily and effectively test the variety of packaging materials and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. 

Test Your Materials at 180 Degrees with the Presto Peel Testing Machine

Industrial adhesives find diverse applications in the packaging industry, often applied between films or sheets to provide optimal resistance against peeling forces. However, different applications within the industry may have specific requirements for bond strength and peeling force. Manufacturers may necessitate strong bond strength in certain applications while requiring lower bond strength in others. The determination of adhesive strength or peel strength is tailored according to these specific requirements.

To ensure that the specified bond strength is consistently applied throughout the entire production batch, an ideal peel strength tester capable of performing a 180-degree peel test is essential. The 180-degree peel test closely simulates the peeling technique applied by end customers, offering a comprehensive evaluation. Additionally, peel tests can be conducted at a 90-degree angle.

The test equipment is equipped with precise calculations to determine the exact peeling force required to separate the film and break the adhesive strength in between. Its microprocessor-based digital program detects even minute force modifications, displayed on a screen improved with a bright LED light for optimal visibility in low-light conditions. Specifically designed fixtures are available for performing the 180-degree peel test, adhering to standards such as ASTM D 903.

Safety is prioritized with the inclusion of limit switches in the test equipment, restricting the travel length of fixtures during peel tests. The design ensures easy and secure sample clamping, minimizing the risk of sample slippage during testing.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of having a high peel strength test of adhesives.

Benefits of Having High Peel Strength Test of Adhesives

Assessing the peeling strength of materials is an important aspect of quality control. Through quality tests conducted with this laboratory testing instrument, one can evaluate the adhesive's ability to endure repeated pulls and impacts, as well as measure shear strength and bond strength.

Adhesives with high peel strength bring forth several advantages:

1. Increased Product Performance:

Secure attachment of adhesives to the substrate reduces movement within the system, resulting in enhanced product performance. This, in certain cases, can lead to increased yield or production.

2. Reduced Costs:

 A strong adhesive, by reducing the time required for removal, can contribute to cost savings related to maintenance or repairs. Moreover, if adhesives need less frequent replacement due to wear and tear, opting for high-peel-strength adhesives can lead to reduced replacement costs.

3. Less Product Damage:

Adhesives with strong peel strength create a robust bond with the substrate, minimizing product damage during shipping and transportation.

To attain high peel strength, adhesives must withstand elevated forces and temperatures. Manufacturers can easily test adhesive peel strength using our high-quality and standardized laboratory testing instrument.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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