Top Load Tester in Pune

Top load testing machine is widely used in Plastic bottle vertical in order to determine the resistance strength of bottle under increasing vertical compressive load. The equipment is a digital version model and can precisely imitate the compression load utilizing straight inverted plates. The test aftereffects can be visually checked on the specimen post-test. Get the best test solution for PET bottles with Top Load Tester in Pune, Maharashtra. We also cater to international countries with testing instruments.


Plastic bottle packaging is a widely utilized product for food and beverage industry and even in pharmaceuticals. Other than that it is used for carrying other types of chemicals. They are preferred over other containers because of their non-reactive nature. Since PET containers are utilized for a different type of packaging arenas, they must ensure the best standard of quality. The most usual inspection performed on PET bottles is the vertical compressive load test. For the purpose of transport or storage, the bottles are often kept one over the other and in such situation, the bottles which are placed at the end of the line will easily crack down. Thus, leading to rejection of the bottle production. Therefore, it is suggested that the bottles must be tested for its resistance strength under elevating vertical load. Top load testing machine is built to provide a similar compression load on plastic bottles which they may experience in the real world. The machine is fitted with inverted straight compression plates for putting a load on the specimen. It is controlled by a digital-based microprocessor software program and assures uniform distribution and precise load application on the test sample. Purchase Top Load Tester in Pune having unique and latest features.

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