Get an Assurance of Premium Quality Testing with Presto’s Advanced Lab Testing Instruments

Presto’s Advanced Lab Testing Instruments
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The precise testing of materials before getting used in the manufacturing & operations is a crucial aspect for manufacturers in order to attain maximum quality & highest standards in the very first go. Getting the production process right in minimal takes boosts the profits as it reduces the cost input for the production process.

To attain such high standards of accuracy and standard compliance, each & every material used in the final product should be up to the mark and must comply with the guidelines mentioned in the designated standards. Therefore, manufacturers undertake rigorous testing measures to achieve such high standards & quality assurance which allows them to make guarantee promises along with claims upon a product’s durability, longevity, etc.

To aid manufacturers in performing such rigorous testing measures and undertaking quality-proving terminologies, lab testing instruments are introduced. However, even after the introduction of such instruments, manufacturers faced a lot of issues in getting the desired test results due to the manually made machines with compliance issues, alignment troubles, specimen adjustment problems, etc. To curb this difficult shift of manufacturers into testing instruments, the Presto Group played a pivotal role by introducing their futuristic and technically advanced machines within the market.

The lab testing instruments provided by the Presto Group have truly revolutionized testing compliances and have certainly enhanced the undertaking of tests due to their seamlessness. The company offers a wide range of laboratory testing instruments that offer value to different industries like PET & preform, metal, automobile, aeronautic, paint & coating, paper & packaging, etc. These instruments have gained the trust of the leading brands from each & every sector by aligning with the vision of Presto Group.

Let’s take a look at the most advanced lab testing instruments that are manufactured at the massive manufacturing unit with such advanced R&D involved behind each & every machinery & equipment.

Futuristic Lab Testing Instruments by the Presto Group

The company provides various advanced features along with seamless testing measures imbibed within their instruments that enhance the testing experience of the operator and thus expedite the testing process. Examples of some of these advanced laboratory testing instruments are:

1.    Accelerated UV Weathering Chamber – The UV accelerated weathering chamber is designed with utmost precision to determine the ability of a material to withstand the harmful UV rays as these materials are layered with paints & other coatings that diminish on being in contact with the harmful UV rays under specific climatic conditions. The instrument simulates such atmospheric conditions by processing the specimen under both UV rays & variable climate zones over & over again and allows the operator to evaluate the quality of the product designed.

2.    Universal Tensile MachineThis machine is an aid for three industries altogether including the metal industry, plastic industry (both flexible & rigid), and rubber industry as the instrument is designed to evaluate the ductile strength as well as the durability of a material by measuring the elongation levels of a material as well as the ability to withstand the pull force.


3.    Edge Crush TesterThis lab testing instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers all across the globe due to its 3-way testing measure of corrugated sheets & papers that are used to make corrugated boxes that are the most widely used packaging material in the world. The instruments determine the durability of corrugated sheets by compressing them from three different angles. This allows the operator to eradicate uncertainties (if any) at the initial stage and avoid huge losses due to the production processes.

4.    Vacuum Leak TesterThis laboratory equipment is designed for various products and is available with different testing mechanisms to determine the leak proofing of plastic pouches as well as plastic bottles. The vacuum leak tester creates an atmospheric pressure around the specimen which makes the vacuum inside the bottle force pressure on the walls and leak in case of lapses in the seal integrity. The usage of this instrument in the food & beverage industry has been enhanced due to its seal integrity which avoids the spoilage of food caused by exposure to the environment.

5.    Izod & Charpy Impact Tester – the instrument is called Izod & Charpy as it was the name of the two scientists who invented the working principle of the test. The instrument is designed to assess & evaluate the impact resistance of hard plastic materials as these materials are instilled in electrical appliances, devices & automobiles for durability purposes and are therefore exposed to the environment which makes them prone to accidents & impacts. To achieve safety assurance, the Izod & Charpy impact tester is offered by the Presto Group.

Along with top-quality lab testing instruments, there are certain attributes offered by the Presto Group within the testing instruments that encourage manufacturers to perform single-handed testing, streamline the testing process, and achieve precision-based test results.

Key Attributes of the Presto-Made Lab Testing Instruments

·       The instruments are equipped with microprocessor-based digital displays that keep track of records and determine the test results with accuracy. For a more futuristic & seamless experience, the instruments are also made available with an HMI-based touchscreen for an out-of-the-world testing experience.

·       The instruments have the most ergonomically designed control panels with feather touch buttons, rotary switches, toggle switches & press buttons.

·       The company ensures a robust build of PET & preform instruments, Paint Instruments, Paper & packaging instruments, and all other products as they use mild steel & stainless steel in most instruments other than testing chambers to enhance durability by installing anti-rusting properties through powder paint coating.

·       The company offers instruments for each & every stage of manufacturing, ranging from the segregation of materials to the shipment of products.

All these features can be served at your resistance, packed in a lab testing instrument that will help you attain higher levels of accuracy & quality. Get your ASTM standard compliance assured by the lab testing instruments provided by the Presto Group. Visit our website, call us at +91 9210903903, or drop an email at


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