Revolutionizing Colour Evaluation with Colour Matching Cabinet

Revolutionizing Colour Evaluation with Colour Matching Cabinet

The colour matching cabinet is a perfectly engineered lab testing instrument designed by the Presto Group for variable manufacturers of different industries. This testing instrument is designed to simulate extreme light conditions allowing the visualizer to assess the evenness, intensity & tone of the colour of different materials.

The instrument is an extremely demanded equipment from all across industries due to its accessibility and testing accuracy. Every industry that contains materials with coating and paint requires this lab testing instrument. Some of the major industries that use colour matching cabinets are the textile industry, metal industry, paper industry, etc.

The instrument is made with a consideration of the visualizer and therefore promotes a simplistic working mechanism.

The Working Mechanism of Colour Matching Cabinet

The color matching cabinet is designed to aid the visualizer with a better and sharper sight under controlled lighting conditions to measure the evenness and intensity of the paint on various materials.

The working of the color matching cabinet begins only after the surroundings of the instrument are dark so that there are no external lighting forces that affect the view of the visualizer and disturb the accuracy.

The specimen is placed in the color matching light box that allows the lab testing instrument to create an artificially controlled lighting condition around the specimen. The specimen is placed at two different angles and examined critically at both angles for an enhanced measurement of the color.

The two angles at which the sample is kept under controlled lighting conditions are 1) 180 degrees (flat surface); and 2) 45 degrees (elevated surface).

The lab testing instrument consists of a total no. of five lights, integrated into the color matching light box with a 4 + 1 structure to ensure uniform lighting inside the testing cabinet.

The color matching machine lights are highly advanced and are segregated with variable capabilities and all of them come together to create the perfect environment for the visualizer.

The five lights used in the colour matching cabinet are:

1. DL-65 – this is an artificial daylight ensuring a bright environment around the specimen allowing the painting uncertainties to be exposed to the daylight.

2. UV – the ultraviolet rays are released from this lighting device, allowing the visualizer to determine the evenness of the coated paint.

3. TL-84 – the light releases a fluorescent bright light to assess the intensity of the color coated/painted on the tested specimen   

4. CWF – the light is associated to simulate indoor lighting conditions in order to assess the specimen in office lighting

5. TFL – The 60W tungsten filament bulb is associated separately into the color matching light box to spread all the lights uniformly for a precise assessment by the visualizer.

The visualizer measures the specimen’s color evenness and intensity by critical evaluation through optical vision with the naked eyes under the mentioned lighting conditions.

The compilation of five lights enhances the sight of the viewer and the variable angles at which the specimen is kept allow the visualizer to critically evaluate the color intensity as well as color evenness of the tested specimen.

Features of Colour Matching Cabinet

Along with a simplistic working design, the instrument offers various other features & advantages that aid the manufacturer of the tested material.

The colour matching cabinet offers a dual-angle specimen placement to assist the visualizer in reaching higher accuracy while examining the specimen.

The use of advanced and highly modern technology in the color matching light box assists the manufacturer in staying one step ahead of the competitors and keeping track of the constantly improving technology.

The lab testing instrument also offers a light tracker attached that enables the manufacturer of the tested materials to measure the run time of the lights individually and allows the operator to keep track of regular maintenance with extreme facile.

The color matching machine has gained the trust of manufacturers from different industries due to its compliance with designated industry standards – ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729 & DIN 6173.

The instrument is also manufactured with a quality mild steel material coated with powder paint for rustproofing and corrosion resistance allowing the instrument a durable longevity.

Installation Factors to Adhere To

The Presto Group has designed the colour matching cabinet as a bench-top lab testing instrument, therefore it must be kept on top of a plain & durable table or a bench that can withstand the weight of the instrument and also has a plain surface.

The manufacturer must ensure that the instrument is installed close to a power plug to avoid any altercations in the constant supply of electricity during the conduction of the test.

The instrument must be kept in a certain place where the environment can be darkened as per the requirement due to the necessity of a dark atmosphere, eradicating external light forces that impact the lighting within the color matching light box.


The colour matching cabinet is a perfectly engineered lab testing instrument, assisting manufacturers from different industries to assess & evaluate the color intensity & evenness of a variety of materials like textile, metal, paper, and all those materials that are coated.

The instrument offers controlled lighting conditions to assess the specimen at two angles with a 4+1 light integration. The compilation of these lights enhances the optical vision of the visualizer to analyze the color measurement.

The color matching light box price is also extremely cost-efficient to enable access to the instrument in various industries.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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