Safeguard Products Packed in Corrugated Boxes from Free Falls with Drop Tester

Drop Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The transportation of boxes along with shipment projects has become a widespread business in the current scenario. The e-commerce platforms that are concerned with shipment and logistics take full responsibility in case of any damage to the item being shipped. These items are shipped on a mass scale from one place to another.

To avoid damage and hefty losses, companies make sure to use high-quality corrugated boxes for the packaging of these products which can either be sensitive or perishable in nature. These corrugated boxes are the prime choice due to their affordability and durability.

However, the storage & transit laborers are now always very skilled at handling these boxes which leads to free falls and drops from different heights causing damage & hazards to the items packed inside. This can cause fatal losses to the companies taking care of the shipping consignments. To avoid such cases and losses it becomes very crucial to assess these boxes from falls & drops from a certain height before they are utilized as packaging for expensive products.   

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. has come with a one-stop explanation of corrugated boxes called the drop tester. The instrument is an extremely simple and easy-to-use lab testing product that perfectly determines the ability of a corrugated box to withstand free falls & drops.

The drop test machine is designed to aid manufacturers of corrugated boxes & other related industries in assessing & evaluating the durability of these boxes against falls and whether these boxes are intact enough to safeguard the items packed within on falling from a certain height.

The instrument has an extremely simplistic working mechanism to allow operators from all industries to perform testing as per standards compliances.

Functioning Mechanism of the Drop Tester

The instrument is designed with an accuracy-driven as well as an operator-friendly approach due to its precise testing measures and easy-to-use build respectively.

To commence with the testing, the operator must close the twin door platform for the place of the sample on its rugged surface which ensures no movement and slipping away of the specimen.

Once the specimen is placed precisely the operator has to assess at which height, the drop test will be conducted because there are different height settings for different standard compliances and requirements of customers.

After the adjustment of the height as per the requirement, the operator can simply detach the twin-door platform by the pneumatic platform release pedal. The operator is also provided with a remote to do the same task. The platform detaches, forcing the specimen to fall on the floor. The operator can now simply assess the damage taken by the corrugated box through the free fall simulation conducted by the drop tester motorized.  

The instrument performs free falling of the corrugated box at three different angles which are:

1. Corner drop

2. Face drop

3. Edge drop

These drops are possible due to the designated specimen holder which positions the corrugated box as per the drop test that is going to be conducted.

The drop tester motorized is equipped with top-notch features that enhance the overall working mechanism of the instrument and also promote single-handed testing with absolute facile.

Key Features of the Drop Tester

The key features that ensure accurate testing results from the edge drop tester are:

The first & foremost feature of the drop test machine is the adjustable height setting as it enables the operator to perform testing as per compliance with variable standards and the requirements of the consumer. The two different height settings are 1.8 meters & 0.39 meters.

The instrument is equipped with a dedicated specimen holder that allows testing from different angles whether edge, corner, or face drop.

The drop test machine also ensures that the drop is free from any external force other than gravity as the instrument is equipped with twin flap doors that detach themselves to ensure accurate free falls.

The drop tester is also equipped with a pneumatic pedal & a remote to ensure that the testing is conducted without any human effort and free from any sort of error due to the automation of even the minimal processes.

Another feature that has been widely appreciated by manufacturers using this instrument is the robust construction it is offered with. The instrument has a top-quality mild sheet for durability which is coated with powder paint that consists of a layer to provide a corrosion-resistant finish to the instrument for longevity.

All these features together help the operator and manufacturer of the specimen to maximize their output and minimize the scope of errors followed by further losses.

As the leading lab testing manufacturer, it is the duty of Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. to answer certain questions evolving within the industries regarding this top-notch lab testing product.

Questions Regarding the Drop Tester

Ques. Why is it necessary to position the sample differently and conduct testing into three different methods?

Ans. It is highly important to conduct drop tests at three different angles as the instrument simulates real-life falls and there are equal chances that the corrugated box might fall on either of the three angles i.e. flat surface-wise impact, edge-wise impact & corner-wise impact.

Ques. What are the heights of Drop testing in millimeters?

Ans. The two heights at which the drop test is set to be 380 mm & 1800 mm by the drop tester manufacturer.

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