What Types of Materials or Surfaces Can Be Tested Using the Scuff Resistance Tester?

What Types of Materials or Surfaces Can Be Tested Using the Scuff Resistance Tester?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The manufacturers from the packaging industries or any other industries that encourage the inclusion of printing face a lot of durability issues against abrasion, scratching & rubbing. The printed articles are usually rubbed against each other during storage & transit which leads to ink abrasion.

You might have observed numerous times that the expiration dates & manufacturing dates behind perishable items are erased due to regressive rubbing. This leads to a lot of confusion for the customer and also raises doubts in the mind of the end user.

Presto Group has come up with a top-notch solution for the prevailing issue, known as the scuff resistance tester. The instrument is ergonomically designed to evaluate the ability of the ink used on the specimen to withstand abrasion, scratching & rubbing against each other.

It is an extremely important lab testing instrument for the industries that deal with printing as it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to assist the customer with accurate & precise knowledge regarding the product and eradicate all sorts of confusion possible.  

With the acknowledgment of the importance of the scuff tester machine, we must understand the working of the instrument to answer how it is helpful for the manufacturers.

Working Mechanism of Scuff Resistance Tester

The scuff resistance tester follows a simple mechanism of sample to sample testing for delivering accurate and precise results consistently aiding the manufacturers to conduct tests with a sense of assurance.

The scuff tester is equipped with two circular jaws for the placement of the sample, wherein the upper jaw accommodates a sample of 48mm and the lower jaw accommodates a sample of 120mm. once both the samples are placed in the circular jaws, they are clamped firmly to ensure that there is no specimen movement during the test.

The upper jaw moves clockwise to the lower jaw, rubbing the samples against each other and assessing the printing quality as per the designated standards ASTM F2497-05 & BS 3110:1959.

The operator can set up the number counts of the rotation of the upper jaw against the lower jaw to ascertain the result as per the sample’s requirement. The upper jaw moves at a speed of 60 rotations per minute with a pressure assembly of 2 psi which can be customized as per consumer’s need.

The scuff tester ensures accuracy & precision consistently with the help of its motorized geared system for scuff movement.

There are a lot of features that the lab testing instrument is equipped with, which encourage a sense of assurance to the customers and users of this top-notch scuff tester machine.

Features of Scuff Resistance Tester

The scuff resistance tester is equipped with a lot of features to aid the manufacturers of different industries by providing features that ensure hassle-free working as well as determine accurate results consistently.

The instrument has an additional feature of a blower fan that is attached next to the place of the specimen, the fan ensures that the reminiscence of the ink does not hamper the testing and therefore derives accurate results.

The scuff tester price also makes the instrument a very worthy choice for the manufacturers to assess the abrasive, scratching & rubbing durability of the specimens.

The instrument offers an LCD display to aid the operator in keeping track of previous results and analyzing the performance of the current tests with previous ones.

The digital preset timer enables the operator to set the counts of the clockwise rotations, this helps the operator to perform testing without being present at all times during the process.

The instrument is made with a combination of stainless steel and mild steel coated with 7-layered powder paint to ensure rustproofing and long-term durability of the instrument.

The instrument covers a wide range of industries due to the usage of printing all across the product range.

The instrument consists of anti-vibration pads for accuracy-driven results as it makes the rotation smoother which runs at 60 RPM against the sample and enables precise results consistently.

The instrument contains feather touch controls with an ergonomic design which enables the operator to perform single-handed operations over & over again without any hassle.

There are certain queries that are frequently generated in the minds of the end consumer as well as the operator regarding the working of the scuff tester, scuff tester price,and a lot more. Presto Stantest private limited being the best scuff tester supplier aims at providing maximum transparency by aiding the customers with the full information possible before buying the instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What are the different kinds of materials that can be tested by using a scuff tester?

Ans.  The scuff resistance tester can determine the printing quality of variable materials from different industries. However, the most frequently used materials on this lab testing instrument are films, laminates, corrugated, paper, mono cartons & printed polymers.

Ques. Can a scuff resistance tester simulate real-world conditions?  

Ans.  The instrument is designed with precise engineering to simulate real-world conditions due to its ability to measure the rubbing, scratching as well as abrasive strength of the sample against another sample which is similar to the samples rubbing against each other during storage & transit.   

Ques. Where can I buy a Scuff resistance tester from?   

Ans.  The best place to get the finest lab testing instruments is the Presto Stantest Private Limited as the company offers top-notch after-sales service and the reputation of the company speaks for the quality of the instruments it provides. 

Buy Scuff Resistance Tester

To get your hands on the high-quality & state-of-the-art technology lab testing instruments, please visit our website. If you also want to assist your customers with maximum satisfaction and eradicate all sorts of confusion due to misprinting or erased printing you can buy scuff resistance tester directly from the scuff tester supplier. Do not wait any further and contact us via phone call at +91 9210903903 or write to us at info@prestogroup.com


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