Ascertain the Ash Content of Materials with the Presto Muffle Furnace

Ascertain the Ash Content of Materials with the Presto Muffle Furnace

Manufacturers from numerous industries that design and construct products to enhance the standard of living of the end consumer have to take several safety factors into consideration. One such safety factor is to assess the ash content of the manufactured product derived from burning.

Safety measures are important to be taken underway before the product is out for usage by the end-consumer in order to safeguard the product against burning when it is operated under high temperatures which can be seen in various parts of the country.

The Presto Group has come up with a solution to curb manufacturers from various industries in ascertaining the content of their manufactured products called the muffle furnace.

The instrument is designed with precise engineering to determine the ash content of materials under a combustive environment.

Let us understand the working mechanism of the muffle furnace to assess how can the lab testing instrument achieve such accurate results repeatedly thus safeguarding the end-consumer from any fire-related hazards.

Working Mechanism of the Muffle Furnace

The muffle furnace determines the ash content percentage derived due to the burning of a substance to assess the quality of the material against combustive environments. This lab testing instrument has different applications in different industries. You can read more on the applications of muffle furnace in different industries. 

This testing instrument has an inner heating chamber for the positioning of the specimen. However, it is important to make sure that the specimen is not influenced or contaminated by any other external factor. 

The specimen is placed in the crucible that is kept within the heating chamber and the door of the heating chamber is closed to ensure 100% insulation during the test.

The heating chamber is equipped with a ventilation port for a constant flow of combustive environment within the chamber and thus around the specimen.

The muffle furnace manufacturer has opted for a U-type heater setting to ensure uniform heating all around the specimen thus, assisting the manufacturer to achieve highly accurate results.

The inner chamber is fully insulated to ensure no leakage of gases or ash which may hamper the test results.

The microprocessor-based display on the outside of the inner chamber allows the manufacturer of the tested specimen to monitor temperature levels at all times during the process.

The instrument also carries a rotary switch for power generation & eradication for the commencement & conclusion of the test respectively. The rotary switch is accompanied by another main indicator to indicate if the instrument is on or off.

Once the testing is completed the ash content percentage can be calculated by using a simple formula:

(Weight of crucible after burning – Weight of empty crucible / Weight of crucible with material – weight of empty crucible) x 100

The instrument is also equipped with top-notch features that ensure the safety & security of the operator during the conduction of the muffle furnace test.

High-End Features of the Presto Muffle Furnace

The accuracy-driven & consumer-centric approach can be assessed by checking out the high-end features installed within the highly technological lab testing instrument.

The usage of glass wool inside the chamber of the muffle furnace enables 100% insulation as the glass wool material has heat-resistive properties, not letting the heat spread outside the chamber.

The muffle furnace manufacturers’ precise engineering in installing the heaters in a U-type formation ensures maximum uniformity in heat distribution around the sample to attain the highest accuracy levels.

The instrument is offered with a special tong for precise placement of the sample and assessment of the sample after burning. This allows the operator to enjoy single-handed operations.

The muffle furnace price in India makes the equipment a very accessible lab testing instrument for manufacturers from numerous industries.

The ventilation port is also an extremely prominent feature of the instrument as it enhances the management of combustive properties within the chamber allowing the instrument to heat up to elevated temperatures with ease.

The robust construction of the material enhances the longevity & durability of the muffle furnace. The instrument is made up of mild steel material which is coated with 7-layered powder paint to prevent the equipment from any kind of rusting & corrosion over time.

There are certain specifications that differ from model to model which are necessary to be considered by manufacturers before selecting the right model for themselves.

Muffle Furnace Specifications

The muffle furnace specifications are extremely important to be adhered to as they help the manufacturers align the model with their requirements.

The first & foremost specification is its availability in different sizes:

1. 4 x 4 x 9 (inches)

2. 5 x 5 x 10 (inches)

3. 6 x 6 x 12 (inches)

*Note – dimensions are mentioned in length x breadth x depth format.

The instrument is also available in 3 different temperature ranges which are:

1. Ambient – 900oC

2. Ambient – 1200oC

3. Ambient – 1400oC

The instrument offers a timer that ranges up to 999 Hours for longer testing measures.

The usage of power in a single phase taken up by the muffle furnace is 220V : 50 Hz.

The Presto Group also offers J-type & K-type sensor options to choose from.

The instrument indicates the results of the muffle furnace test on a digital LCD display.

These specifications along with simplistic working & high-end features make the instrument a complete revolution in the manufacturing industry when it comes to safeguarding products against burning by assessing their ash content on burning.  

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