How Do You Control the Temperature & Humidity Levels within the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber?

How Do You Control the Temperature & Humidity Levels within the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber?

 There are a lot of claims made by the manufacturers of the materials regarding the durability of the materials or the rustproofing / anti-corrosive properties of a material. These claims are not baseless as the materials undergo severe testing as per designated industry standards before forming such claims to avoid misselling and assure maximum consumer satisfaction.

The materials are tested by an instrument called the cyclic corrosion test chamber designed & manufactured by the Presto Group. The instrument simulates an extremely corrosive environment around the sample that is kept within a closed chamber, this determines the ability of the material to withstand such situations.

This is a necessary test to be conducted before the material is used in the final products and is out for sale as the material will be exposed to the environment and can catch rusting even before reaching the end consumer which can cause hefty amounts of losses to the manufacturers & sellers of the brand.

Let us understand the importance of the salt spray test machine with the help of an example. The automobile industry uses a different type of materials for the construction of a car/bike. However, the machinery has to undergo extremely corrosive environments as it deals with water on roads and is suitable for rain as well, therefore, it becomes necessary for the automobile industry to make sure that the materials they are using are highly anti-corrosive.

Since we are aware of the importance of the salt spray chamber, it is equally important to know the functioning of the highly advanced lab testing technology.

Functioning of the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

The cyclic corrosion test chamber is a top-notch innovation equipped with high-end technology to assess the ability of materials against corrosion used by various industries like polymer, metal, paint & coating, automobile, etc.

The salt spray test machine is equipped with 4 major parts:

1.    The inner chamber is the central component where the entire testing process takes place. It features three sample holders designed for various sample positioning needs and can be adjusted in size according to the manufacturer's specifications. Within the inner chamber, there are atomizers and igus components, both covered by a fog dispenser to ensure even distribution of concentrated salt spray. A canopy seals the inner chamber tightly, preventing any fog leakage and is specially shaped to prevent humidity-induced droplets from falling onto the specimen, thus ensuring utmost accuracy during testing.This part of the instrument also includes an air purge that settles the fog down, once the testing is done to make sure that the corrosive environment simulated within the chamber does not hamper the external surroundings.  


2.    Reservoir tank – this part of the cyclic corrosion test chamber carries the demineralized water which is mixed with NaCl (sodium chloride/ salt). The instrument can range from 60litres to 75litres depending upon the size of the inner chamber. The reservoir tank is equipped with a sponge filter to maintain the purification of the water before it is concentrated with NaCl and becomes a solution for the salt spray. This part is also equipped with a technologically advanced solution level sensor to indicate the amount of solution left and aid the operator in conducting the test.


3.    Air saturator – the air saturator enables the flow of humidified air at 45o Celsius into the inner chamber. This part of the salt spray chamber is equipped with an air filter to eradicate all the impurities in the air before humidifying the air and then heating it. The heated & humidified air from the air saturator is concentrated with the solution from the reservoir tank with a connection of pipes and the concentration is released in the inner chamber with the help of an atomizer & igus. The air saturator ensures the constant flow of air throughout the salt spray test procedure.


4.    Electrical panel – the electrical panel is the part from where the entire functioning of the cyclic corrosion test chamber is controlled. The electrical panel controls the working of the silicon bag heaters associated within the walls of the inner chamber along with the working of the reservoir tank, the air saturator as well as the inner chamber. The entire 7-alarm safety feature of the instrument is solely dependent upon the electrical panel. The panel is also equipped with an LCD touchscreen that enables the operator to profile the sample and track records easily. The control panel enables the operator to set 10 preset timers for the conduction of the test.


All four parts of the instrument are equally important with variable functioning abilities to conduct the salt spray test procedure without any hassle and achieve accurate results with ease.  

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the users and potential buyers of the cyclic corrosion test chamber for crystal clarity.


Ques. What is the material used for the construction of the instrument?

Ans.  The cyclic corrosion test chamber is built with a 3-layer body made with FRP material, mild steel sheet & glass wool for the anti-corrosive, durable & heat sealing abilities respectively.

Ques. What are the industries that use the salt spray machine?

Ans.  The cyclic corrosion test chamber is widely used by different industries. However, the frequent consumers of the high-end lab testing instrument are the automobile, metal manufacturing & polymer industry.

Ques. Where can I buy cyclic salt spray chamber?

Ans.  You can get your hands on the high-quality lab testing instrument by reaching out to the Presto Group on our website.

 To buy cyclic salt spray chamber, contact us right away via phone at +91 9210903903 or write to us on our e-mail at You can seek further information regarding any lab testing instrument by visiting our website. We will be delighted to serve you with the finest quality instruments.



Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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