Cyclic Salt Spray Chamber – Check Your Sample Conditioning Against Salt-Laden Environment

cyclic corrosion test chamber


Salt Spray Test Machine is undoubtedly the highest quality instrument in the history of lab testing instruments due to its versatility and functioning. The Cyclic Salt Spray chamber  is manufactured to simulate real-life environments inside its chamber ranging from humid environments to wetting/drying atmospheres. The machine offers a complete verification of the effects a specimen will show when exposed to the environment in certain conditions.

The machinery can measure the corrosion durability of a specimen as well as the ability to withstand other climatic changes throughout the year to ensure specimen durability and long-term value.

Functioning of a Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

The Salt Spray Test Machine is offered with 4 major parts by the presto group:

1.     Inner Testing Chamber

2.     Reservoir Tank

3.     Air Saturator

4.     Electrical Panel Chamber

The processing starts by placing the specimen in the inner testing chamber also known as the Cyclic salt spray chamber. The specimen can be placed into three different holders whether the V-shaped holder, Specimen hanger rod through thread, or in the specimen plate.

To conduct the test, it is important to understand the requirement of the specimen and which test to be conducted. To conduct a humid test the humidity spreader cap along with the atomizer and igus releases a fog concentration by a mix of demineralized water and sodium chloride (NaCl). The air saturator releases the air into the chamber through the atomizer and the igus controls the water content from the reservoir tank converting the mixture into fog concentration. All these activities are performed with the help of the electrical chamber.

As the salt spray test procedure continues the salt spray test chamber converts into a salt spray corrosion chamber due to the corrosion-friendly environment that has been created inside the chamber.

Similarly, the salt spray test procedure can also be conducted for ambient drying and ambient wetting atmosphere with the help of the silicon bag heaters present at the boundaries of the inner testing chamber controlled by the electrical chamber.

The Cyclic salt spray tester differs in size as per the specimen’s requirement:

1.     250l volume capacity

2.     400l volume capacity

3.     1000l volume capacity

Similarly, the reservoir tank also differs in size as per the size of the salt spray chamber:

1.     60l volume capacity

2.     75l volume capacity

The reservoir tank contains a layer sponge filter to ensure complete filtration of the DM water along with NaCl. The reservoir tanks also contain a solution level sensor to ensure the right amount of concentration of DM water and NaCl for precise testing.  

The air saturator contains an air filter used for the filtration of air in order to ensure accurate levels of fog concentration. The air saturator humidifies the air by heating it at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

The electrical panel chamber is responsible for the overall functioning and also accommodates high compressors that help in settling down the fog before opening the inner chamber to avoid effects on the environment and devices outside the salt spray chamber.

Features of Salt Spray Test Machine

The first and foremost feature of the Salt Spray Test Machine is the material made to use the overall instrument. The inner chamber is secured with a 3-layer material out of which the first layer is made FRP material followed by a layering of MS sheet and then a glass wool to cover the silicon bag heaters.

The high-quality material ensures corrosion-free running along with the durability and longevity of the machine.

The Salt Spray Test Machine offers a 7-alarm system in all 4 parts of the machine, contributing to the security and accuracy of the machine by avoiding any hazards.

The silicon bag heaters present around the cyclic corrosion test chamber ensure uniform heating for precise test conduction and deliverance of accurate results consistently.

The Salt Spray Test Machine also offers an outstanding feature of air purge control as it helps in settling down the fog inside the salt spray chamber before opening the chamber to avoid corrosion or any adverse effects on the environment and other devices.

The Salt Spray Test Machine also reduces the scope of human error due to the provision of auto-refilling of air saturators through the usage of the additional tank for quicker proceeding of the test.

The different types of specimen holders inside the testing chamber enable the testing of various specimens at the same time to reduce the time taken while conducting the test in an overall calculation.

The inclusion of 10 preset timers has been a phenomenal feature in order to take care of the sample timings during the tests.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd has also made sure to provide easy data collection of the tested samples through the provision of data presentation through PDF reports as well as Excel presentations of the history. The machine also provides a feature of graphical representation for a better understanding of the results.  


The Salt Spray Test Machine has revolutionized the lab testing instruments industry because of its ergonomic design as well as versatile utility performance with such controlled measures. The inclusion of the security features along with designated sensors for every part makes a complicated process to be conducted with extreme ease therefore enhancing the overall productivity of the operator as well as the product.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd has manufactured the product to help manufacturers from the polymer, paint, packaging as well as the metal industry to check how their products react when exposed to the atmosphere, which can be a potential threat to corrosion and other climate-related issues by simulating the same environmental conditions inside the testing chamber of the Salt Spray Test Machine.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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