Different Types of Lab Testing Equipment Designed for Different Industries

Different Types of Lab Testing Equipment

The products that are manufactured in different industries ranging from paper and packaging to PET industry are tested under various circumstances to measure their mechanical, physical & chemical properties.

These products are utilized in various parts of the world under extreme climatic conditions which makes it important for manufacturers to assess their chemical & reactive properties under certain environments. The products are also tested on their durability, ductility, flexibility, firmness, and other mechanical properties which makes it important for manufacturers to test the mechanical & physical properties of the instrument.

Conducting so many tests over a material or the final product becomes a hassle for all manufacturers in the industry. To help these manufacturers conduct the tests seamlessly and ensure maximum quality to the customers, the leading lab testing equipment manufacturersThe Presto Group was formed.

The company initiated a drive towards quality provision for all the products so that the final customers can enjoy highly advanced & top-quality products while sitting in the comfort of their homes. The company offers instruments for each & every manufacturing process that a manufacturer undertakes for the production of a quality product.

The tests conducted through these testing instruments not only benefit the final consumer with quality but also safeguard the manufacturer from product liabilities which can cause damage to the company's reputation and further losses.

There are numerous lab testing instruments for different industries, let us take a look at dedicated instruments for certain industries by segregating them into variable departments for a better understanding of their problems & how these lab testing equipment overcome these problems & issues.

Different Industries Utilize Variable Lab Testing Equipment in the Production Process

The biggest consumers of lab testing equipment are the flexible & rigid packaging industries that make products like corrugated boxes, cartons, perishable food packets, sachets, etc. All these materials need to be tested before installation on their peel strength, seal strength, tensile strength, ductility, flexibility, and other uncertainties like leakages after the production is completed.

To conduct these tests the Presto group offers packaging testing instruments like the tensile strength tester, bursting tester, adhesion tester, and a lot of products to assess the materials used in the production process. However, after the production is completed, another line of packaging testing instruments is laid out by the company to streamline further processes like storage & transportation.

Another high-testing instrument-consuming industry is the paint & coating industry. It becomes crucial to coat & paint the surfaces of materials to ensure maximum consumer attention. Since coatings & paints are the appellate surfaces, they are the very first impression to leave an impact on a consumer’s mind. Therefore, it becomes vital for manufacturers to ensure the evenness of the coats over these surfaces and make sure that they are perfectly glossy to leave a positive impact.

To help manufacturers with the issue of attaining maximum evenness, the paint testing instruments are invented by the Presto Group. The company provides instruments like gloss meters, color-matching cabinets, scratch-hardness testers, etc.  All these instruments are designed with extreme precision & futuristic technology to determine the evenness, coating thickness, color stability, and coating & paint durability over the surface of materials.

The plastic industry is also highly impacted by the invention of lab testing equipment. Manufacturers from this industry can now save hugely on hefty losses that occurred due to faulty mass productions, and product liabilities thus depriving brand reputation due to the same. The plastic materials differ hugely in their properties which makes it a hassle for manufacturers to identify the correct material type for the production of so many products from the same material type. Plastic materials are responsible for making hard & durable products in the automobile sector as well as ductile products for the packaging sector and on top of all products like plastic bottles for the fluid packaging sector. Therefore, the evaluation of the properties of plastic materials must be accurate.

To curb this issue of manufacturers from the plastic industry, the Presto Group has brought top-notch lab testing instruments to determine the durability, impact resistance, ductility, and various other physical properties of plastic materials. These plastic testing instruments are designed with maximum precision to determine the physical & mechanical properties of plastic materials with absolute accuracy, these instruments are Izod & Charpy impact testers, tensile testers, magnamike, melt flow index testers, etc. All this equipment has gained the trust of manufacturers by delivering the desired & accurate results consistently.

All the lab testing equipment designed for variable industries are manufactured with utmost diligence & precision along with high-class engineering standards with a view to provide maximum quality output and help consumers attain the finest quality of products in every aspect without any hassle.

There are many instruments that are made for post-production processes like storage & transportation as packaged items are extremely prone to damage & contamination as they undergo the hassles of stacking & transportation evils. The company has thought this through by delivering instruments like box compression testers for the simulation of stacking, drop testers for simulating free-falls during storage, vibration tables to simulate transit hazards, etc. These instruments are simulators of real-life hazards that the products undergo after the manufacturing process is completed to provide a sense of assurance to manufacturers regarding the well-being of their products. These products are now welcomed by the logistics & sales companies as well to ensure the transit protection of these items.

Get Yourself the Finest & Most Suitable Lab Testing Instrument to Ensure Quality

To ensure maximum quality & highest consumer satisfaction, you must get your hands on the precisely designed lab testing equipment right away. To seek further information about an instrument’s specifications & price you can visit our website without further delay. Please do not wait any further and place an order for the desired equipment by calling us at +91 9210903903 or directly informing us of your customizations through an e-mail at info@prestogroup.com.

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