Ensure Quality Packaging With Box Compression Tester

Ensure Quality Packaging With Box Compression Tester

Are you working in the corrugated box industry? If yes, then you probably deal with different types of corrugated boxes. Some are used to pack fragile items, while others offer a level of transparency so customers can see what they're buying. Therefore, using the right quality of boxes is of utmost importance if you deliver high products that need ultimate protection. A good box should be able to withstand knocks, drops, and other sorts of wear and tear. You also need it to hold up in transit without breaking or falling apart. One of the best testing instruments that will help you to make sure you are providing a safe and secure product for your customers is Presto Box Compression Tester. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you brief information about box compression tester and how this amazing testing instrument will help you to improve your corrugated box quality. So, let us get started.

What is the main purpose of a box compression tester?

In the packaging industry, a lot of important decisions are made on how the product is going to be packaged. Boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, but before deciding which one to go with there are a few tests that need to be considered. One of the most important tests you should conduct is the box compression test. This test will be done to determine the compression strength of the boxes.

The box compression tester is provided with two different testing platforms that allow the user to perform tests on the test specimen with a wide range of sizes. This testing instrument is best for providing accurate analysis of the compressive strength of the packaging containers and ensures stronger and better quality packaging containers. With the help of this test, you will be able to ensure that the durability of the box. There are many features of using the box compression tester by Presto.

Features of Presto box compression tester

The quality and durability of products matter the most in the box manufacturing industries. Therefore, it is very important for you to test the box compression strength to determine if it accurately holds the material or not. With Presto box compression testers, you will get an accurate analysis of the box compression strength and whether or not that box will be suitable to hold your product or not. Here we have listed some amazing features of the Presto box compression tester that will make your box compression testing work easier.

  • High testing range
  • Compression plates for proper placement of the test specimen.
  • Compression nut provided with the machine to adjust the alignment of the compression plate.
  • Micro-controller-based peak load indicator for accurate readout and storage of test results.
  • Limit switches protection for the protection of grips and the machine.
  • Powder-coated body with a corrosion-resistant finish.

These are some amazing features you will get with the Presto box compression tester. You can choose from different models of this testing instrument.

  • Box Compression Computerised Cum Digital : Model - PBCC 600 (C ) Wintest
  • Box Compression Tester ( Digital Motorised Microprocessor based) Platform Size : 1 Meter x 1 Meter Model No : PDBC-1000
  • Box Compression Tester Digital Motorised Microprocessor based) Platform Size : 600mm x 600mm Model No : PDBC-600

How to test your specimen using this versatile testing machine?

To do the box compression strength test, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you should plug the machine into a 15 amp, 220 Volts AC and turn it on.
  • After that, place the specimen on the platform in the center and parallel to the compression plate. Make sure that the specimen is placed in the center of the plate otherwise the test results would not be correct. Mark points are provided.
  • Bring the compression plate near the specimen by moving the rotary switch in a downward direction. Users can make use of the fast runner option to take the compression plate just above the test specimen with an increased speed of 50 mm/min.
  • Apply a preload of 1 or 2 kg on the specimen to remove any air gap between the compression plate and the specimen.
  • Commence the test by applying the preload.

In this way, you can use test the box compression strength of the boxes with the Presto box compression tester.


Whether you are a small business or a large manufacturing firm, testing your packaging box accurately will help you to deliver them without any breakage. Thus, with the help of the box compression test, you should make sure that the box you are using should be of accurate quality. It should handle the material in such a way that the material, as well as the box, will not deform while shipping. You can also get information about Pharmaceutical Testing Instruments. To get more information about the different models of box compression tester, you can call us at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We assure you to improve your packaging box quality by providing our series of testing instruments.

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