Evaluate the Strength of Plastics against Impact force from Izod and Charpy Impact Tester

Evaluate the Strength of Plastics against Impact force from Izod and Charpy Impact Tester

Utilization of plastics & related materials is prevalent in the manufacturing industries. Plastic materials are also utilized in the production of various instruments as well as electrical devices. These plastic materials are considered as a strong & durable material. To keep up with the status of their durability, manufacturers of these plastic materials from polymers have to assess their quality against various testing measures.  

One crucial testing measure is to determine the strength of these plastic materials against impacts used in various instruments and electrical devices. The importance of this test is to evaluate the durability of plastic materials against accidents as they are exposed to an accident-prone environment.  

To critically analyze the ability of these plastic materials, Presto Group has come up with a revolutionary lab testing instrument called the Charpy impact tester.

The instrument aids the manufacturers from the plastic manufacturing industry or industries related to plastic materials in conducting the Izod and Charpy impact test. The instrument is a result of absolutely precise engineering.

The instrument works on an extremely simplistic working mechanism as it is designed with an operator-centric approach to aid manufacturers in performing single-handed Izod and Charpy impact tests.

How to Perform the Izod and Charpy Impact Test

The Charpy impact tester is an ergonomically manufactured lab testing equipment, to perform testing of plastic materials into different methodologies i.e the Charpy impact test & the Izod impact test. 

In the Izod impact test, the specimen is positioned in a vertical manner with the help of a dedicated fixture. However, in the Charpy impact test, the specimen is placed in a horizontal position and is tested against impact.

Let us understand how both tests are performed from scratch.

The Izod and Charpy impact test begins only after the proper conditioning of the sample. The size of the sample is carved out as per the designated standard as well as a V-shaped 2.54mm notch is prepared with an additional accessory called the notch cutter offered by the Presto Group. 

Once the specimen is prepared as per the designated standards, the sample is placed between the jaws of the sample in a vertical position in case of conducting an Izod impact test & horizontally in case of performing a Charpy impact test.

The Presto Group provides different fixtures for different testing methodologies, assisting the manufacturer in performing the test with absolute facile.

After making sure that the specimen is firmly clamped between the jaws of the instrument, it is now time to release the brake pedal that is stopping the hammer with a designated weight.

The izod impact test specimen is impacted firmly with the hammer that is released with the brake pedal and moves in a pendulum motion towards the specimen.

The hammer impacts the specimen at the v-shaped notch, breaking the specimen from the area exposed outside the jaws. The force applied on the specimen for breaking it is indicated on the microprocessor-based display on the outside which assists the manufacturer to simply keep track of all the results and critically analyze them from the previously attained ones.

This is how the Izod and Charpy impact test is performed on the plastic material and helps the manufacturer attain accurate results while evaluating the durability test of plastic materials.   

Some of the top-notch features incorporated by the Presto Group in the Charpy impact tester are:

Feature of Charpy Impact Tester

The instrument is equipped with different weights of hammers that allow the manufacturer to produce different joules of energy at which the Izod impact test specimen is impacted. The hammer is available in R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5 weights.

The instrument is offered with different fixtures for different testing methodologies to aid the manufacturer in performing the tests with extreme ease. The jaws of these fixtures have a rugged surface which allows no movement of the sample in order to attain maximum accuracy and precision.

The instrument is constructed with a top-notch material of mild steel coated with powder paint to avoid any kind of rusting or corrosion in the long term.

The instrument also provides a magnetic door to avoid any kind of hazards due to the impact of the hammer on the plastic specimen, breaking it into two halves.  

The microprocessor-based display allows the operator to easily keep track of all the results derived from the testing. The display associated with the control panel has a provision of feather touch controls which promotes testing without any hassle.

The Presto Group also offers an additional notch cutter for the preparation of the sample in order to comply with the standards and assure maximum accuracy.

There are certain questions that arise regarding the Charpy impact tester to perform testing with absolute ease & facile.

FAQs Regarding the Conduction of Charpy Impact Test

Ques. What is the principle of the impact test?

Ans. The principle by which the Charpy impact tester conducts Izod and Charpy impact test is performed under a pendulum motion release mechanism which helps the operator to achieve highly accurate results repeatedly.

Q: At which angle does the Izod and Charpy impact resistance test is conducted?

A: While performing the Izod impact test, the hammer strikes the specimen at an impact angle of 45 degrees. However, while performing the Charpy impact test the hammer strikes the specimen at a horizontal position. 

Q: What is the correct price for impact resistance tester and where can we buy impact resistance tester from? 

A: Presto Group offers a range of laboratory testing instruments designed to assist manufacturers across various industries in enhancing product quality for maximum consumer satisfaction. To acquire a Charpy impact tester, you can visit our website. For further inquiries and to place an order, feel free to contact us via phone at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

The Presto Group aims to serve customers with absolute finesse when it comes to lab testing instruments. Buy Charpy impact tester right away.


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