Guarantee Anti-Corrosive Properties of metals with the Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

The metal products used in the manufacturing process of various crucial materials are installed for their durable properties that ensure the longevity of the instrument and safeguard the final product from maximum damages due to impacts & jeopardies. The most prominent feature of the metals used in the production process also gets hampered in case of impact with humid nature, atmosphere & surroundings as these metal-made products are highly prone to corrosion & rusting.

The metals must be evaluated before getting utilized in the production process upon their properties. Since these metal-made products are used all across the globe for durability, another challenge that manufacturers face is the variable humidity levels in every region due to the diverse atmospheric conditions.

The Presto Group understands the issues & problems that a manufacturer faces during the production and transit period of a product. To curb this issue of manufacturers the company offers a high-end lab testing environmental chamber called the salt spray tester. The instrument is designed to conduct a salt spray test with absolute accuracy by simulating real-life weathering conditions.

The salt spray test is an imitation of humid weather conditions in an artificial manner under a closed chamber over variable specimens like nuts & bolts, metal sheets, etc. You must be wondering how the artificial weathering condition is made inside a closed chamber by the instrument. Let us dive into the working mechanism of the same and find out.

Conducting the Salt Spray Test over Variable Metal-types

The working mechanism of the salt spray chamber indicates that the instrument conducts real live weathering conditions such as air drying, ambient drying, wetting, and condensation by insulating the inner chamber.

The operator can open the transparent canopy and place the sample in either of the sample holders i.e. V group sample rod And card holder as per the physical properties of the specimen.

Before beginning with the testing standards, it is highly important to make sure that there is a tank and the air saturator has enough water in both of them to function properly. Afterwards, once the sample is placed inside the chamber.

The operator can adjust the pre-set timer attached to the control panel of the Salt spray test chamber. The instrument begins the testing in different phases starting with the reservoir tank that carries a layer-sponge filtered demineralized water. The DM water is mixed with salt forming a solution of H2O + NaCl.

The mixed solution is transported to the inner chamber with the help of PU pipes and an inlet port opening inside the inner chamber. The second phase is the activation of the air saturator that elevates the temperature of the air up to 45°C and humidifies the air. The air from the air saturator is transported to the inner chamber with the help of PU pipes and an inlet port.

In the case of drying the humid air is not released in the energy chamber, rather the silicon bag heaters are turned on elevating the temperature of the energy chamber and drying the specimen.

Similarly, in the humid controlled testing, the salt spray is released in the inner chamber with the help of an atomizer. The atomizer converts the salt into fog concentration. The fog is released inside the energy chamber uniformly with the help of a dispenser.

Once the testing is conducted as per the adjusted time on the Preset timer, the operator can simply use an air purge that drops temperatures suddenly, causing condensation and thus settling down all the artificially created fog inside the testing chamber of the cyclic corrosion tester.

The operator can open the canopy after the fog has settled down and bring out the specimen that was tested to determine its uncertainties against certain temperatures when tested under variable climates.

The salt spray tester completes the test with such ease & facility due to the incorporation of highly advanced features that enhance the standards of testing and also promote single-handed testing measures of its features.

Highly Advanced Features of the Salt Spray Tester

The salt spray test chamber is equipped with extremely futuristic and ahead-of-the-time features that have gained the trust of manufacturers from all industries that consume metal as their primary product material for durability.

The most top-notch feature of the instrument is its robust construction which ensures 100% insulation of the testing chamber due to the incorporation of the FRP material, heat capturing due to the outer layer covering of the glass wool material, and durability with the mild steel material. Along with top-quality materials used in the construction, another subtle and amazing feature is the use of flexi glass as a canopy which allows the operator to keep a check on the specimen at all times during the salt spray test.

The salt spray test is conducted under a uniform heating apparatus with the incorporation of silicone bag heaters and a fog dispenser inside the inner chamber.

Unlike other salt spray chambers, this salt spray test chamber is offered with different weathering conditions which can perform the test under several modes allowing the operator to undergo various testing measures and precisely determine the anti-corrosive properties of a specimen.

The instrument is an automated device that ensures the safety of the operator as well as the testing chambers by adding various features like alarm systems for overheating, low water levels in the reservoir tank, etc. The instrument has other safety features as well like the automatic cut-off, once the preset timer is achieved.

Conduct a Simplistic Salt Spray Test today

To get high-quality metals or related materials and thus ensure good-quality & durable products, you can undergo a salt spray test with the help of a cyclic corrosion tester without any further delay. To get your hands on top-quality lab testing instruments, you can directly reach us on our website.

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