How Does Izod Impact Tester for Films Works?

How Does Izod Impact Tester for Films Works?

The impact strength of plastics is considered to be the essential property that will help you to assess the energy required to deform or fracture the materials. This impact strength is also known as impact energy that will allow the manufacturers to classify the materials for specific purposes. For instance, polymers and plastics play an important role in exhibiting higher impact strength than other hard materials. You can easily take the Izod impact test of these materials with the help of an Izod impact tester for films.  This lab testing instrument has been specifically designed to evaluate the resistance of plastics.

It works on the pendulum method and evaluates the impact resistance of various products to evaluate their quality. Once you test your product for quality with the help of this testing machine, then you can avoid any fears of rejection. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the importance of the Izod impact test and how Presto Izod impact testing equipment works to determine your product quality.

What is the Izod impact test and why you should conduct it?

The impact strength of plastics and polymers matters the most while evaluating the quality factors in them. The toughness of these materials is correlated to the impact strength of these materials. Thus, Presto is a leading Izod impact tester manufacturer in Delhi NCRThis type of testing method came into existence in 1903 when the notable differences in the strength of materials will be tested. You can easily conduct this test either on metallic or plastic specimens.

The materials with high yield strength and low modulus of elasticity will exhibit high impact strength. Thus, with the help of an Izod impact tester for plastic films, you can test the quality of materials used to create the products efficiently.

There are various cases where this test plays a vital role in determining the strength of plastics. For instance, in the plastic and polymer industry, when manufacturers know about the impact strength of materials then they can easily distinguish the material for specific purposes.

Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this lab testing instrument.

Features of Presto Izod impact tester digital model

The Presto Izod / Charpy Impact Tester (Digital) strictly adheres to ASTM D – 256 -10 standard. The equipment comes complete with an instruction manual, electric wiring diagram, and calibration certificate from NABL approved labs. Read the list of its features below.

  • Offers high capacity up to 21.68 Joules
  • Four scales with different ranges are provided for more accurate and reproducible results.
  • Equipment duly powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate test results.
  • Display for impact/absorbed energy and angle of the test specimen.
  • Separate fixtures for Izod and Charpy test.
  • Highly accurate test results under impact forces.
  • Strong gripping fixtures for Izod/Charpy tests.
  • Bright LED display

Technical specifications of Presto Izod impact tester digital model

The Izod impact tester for plastic films will easily conduct the test by holding the specimen in the vertically positioned sample with a V-notch. The Charpy test will be conducted with the horizontal orientation of the testing specimen. You can take these tests and determine the impact strength of materials with Izod/Charpy impact test. Below we have listed the technical specifications of this lab testing instrument.

  • The release angle of the pendulum: 150 degrees.
  • Capacity: Up to 21.68 Joules.
  • Range of four scales: 0-2.71 Joules; 0-5.42 Joules; 0-10.84 Joules and 0-21.68 Joules.
  • Minimum resolution on the scale: 0.02 Joule; 0.05 Joule; 0.1 Joule and 0.2 Joule respectively.
  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Pendulum Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic
  • Paint: Powder coated
  • Optional Accessory: Motorized Notch Cutter
  • Electrical Requirement: Single Phase 220 V 50 Hz
  • Dimensions : 615x565x965mm
  • Standards: ASTM D256 – 10, ASTM D618 – 13, ASTM D883 – 12, ASTM D1204 – 14, ASTM D1248 – 12, ASTM E691 – 14

With the use of this lab testing instrument, you can easily evaluate the impact strength of materials. There are some issues people faces while conducting the Izod impact test, with the help of the Izod/Charpy impact tester. You can avoid these issues by consulting with us.

Now, let us discuss the working procedure of this lab testing instrument.

Working procedure of Izod/Charpy impact tester

The Presto Izod/Charpy impact testing instrument is one of the effective testing equipment that will help you to understand the notch sensitivity in plastics. This standardized testing instrument for conducting the test will help you to conduct the test without getting any errors. To operate this lab testing instrument you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Install the machine carefully

Whenever you receive this lab testing instrument from us, then place the machine carefully on a concrete base to avoid unnecessary vibration of the machine. Fix up the leveling legs in holes provided at the base of the Izod /Charpy tester.

Step 2: Prepare the sample using a notch cutter

In the second step, you need to prepare the sample using a notch cutter. For this, you can take a sample of size 63.5mm x 12.7mm, and any thickness between 3 mm to 13 mm is required to perform Izod Test. After that, follow the below-mentioned steps:

- Now Place the sample in the space provided such that the knife-edge coincides with the marked position and tightens the screws.

- Adjust the sample using the micrometer so that it comes in contact with the cutter and assume this reading as zero preference.

- Start motor for movement of cutting tools by pressing the main red indicator switch.

- Move the micrometer forward up to the required depth to make the notch on the sample.

- On completion of the procedure, Switch OFF the Mains. Unclamp the machine and remove the sample from its location.

Step 3: Place the sample accurately to perform Izod impact test

Ensure that the fixture of the Izod test is set on the sample placement area. If not, first of all, change the fixtures to perform Izod Test. Place the sample in the fixture and perform the vertical test by maintaining its center.

After preparing the sample and performing proper placement of the sample, you can easily evaluate the toughness of materials, with this testing instrument. You can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at, to know about impact tester price. Our team of experts will surely guide you regarding all your queries.

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