How is the Peel Strength of an Adhesive Measured?

How is the Peel Strength of an Adhesive Measured?

 Materials that are used in the flexible packaging industry often provide information for determining certain specifications of the products. It becomes crucial to make sure these flexible paper & packaging materials are bonded, sealed & adhesion perfectly to resist peeling off and provide all the necessary information to achieve great consumer satisfaction.

The manufacturers of these paper & packaging materials ensure the quality and peel resistance of these materials to make sure of accurate labeling at all times.

The Presto Group offers a highly advanced lab testing instrument called the peel bond strength tester to assist manufacturers from the packaging industry in assessing and evaluating the resistance of these materials against peeling.

Let us understand how the instrument works and help manufacturers in assessing the peel bond strength of the materials.

Working Module of Peel Bond Strength Tester

The peel strength tester is a highly advanced lab testing instrument designed to aid manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry in performing peel/bond testing of materials, evaluating their peel resistance with absolute ease.

To begin with the testing, it is extremely important for the operator to prepare the specimen by conditioning it under the toluene solution. The chemical has the properties of weakening the adhesion, peel, and seal in case of double pasting of a specimen. It is important to make sure that the size of the specimen should not be less than 25mm which is in consideration with gripper to gripper separation.

The specimen is firmly clamped within the jaws from both ends disintegrated by this testing solution. The jaws have a rugged structure that makes sure that the specimen does not move during the course of testing.

Once the operator ensures that the specimen is firmly clamped, the peel strength test begins with the instrument. The operator can simply start the movement of the jaws away from each other at a designated speed with the help of a rotary switch. The switch promotes single-handed testing to aid the manufacturer in achieving accurate results.

Speaking of accurate results, the instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based display that indicates the peak load that the specimen was able to withstand due to the pull force by the gripper to gripper separation from the motorized jaws of the instrument.

The accurate & precise results help the operator to achieve high & maximum levels of accuracy at all times consistently.

The peel strength test process can also be followed at a different angle i.e. 180o angle to assess the resistance of the specimen uniformly from all sides.

There are certain other features that aim at the highest levels of accuracy attainment along with hassle-free testing to aid the operator.

Features of Peel Bond Strength Tester

The peel strength tester is designed as a feature-loaded lab testing instrument for minimal human effort that in turn reduces the scope of human error.

The pre-eminent feature of this lab testing instrument is its ability to perform all adhesion/ peel/ seal/ bond tests with absolute precision and accuracy. This makes the peel bond strength tester a one-stop solution for all testing measures.

The instrument offers rugged grippers that can perform testing at different angles i.e. 90o angle & 180o angle. This not only ensures zero movement of the specimen during the testing but also ensures precise output delivery at all times.

The instrument offers a safety feature of over-traveling limit switches to ensure that grippers do not exceed a separation of 300mm from each other to avoid any sort of accidents or damage to the instrument.

The instrument is equipped with the assurance of numerous standards that store a sentiment of faith among manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry.

The incorporation of feather touch controls along with a rotary switch enhances the user experience of the instrument by encouraging single-handed operations without any hassle at all times.

The adhesive peel strength tester has a robust construction under the belt with mild steel material coated with 7-layered powder paint, ensuring highly advanced rustproofing for longer durability against corrosion-friendly environments.

There are certain questions that arise in the minds of manufacturers from the designated industry. As the leading lab testing manufacturer in the country, it is the duty of the Presto Group to eradicate all sorts of confusion and prevailing questions regarding the peel bond strength tester.

FAQs Related to Peel Bond Strength Tester

Ques. What makes it so important to assess the peel strength of a material to derive its durability?

Ans.  To determine the durability of a specimen, evaluating the peel strength is extremely crucial as it is an integral part of durability. Conduction of the peel strength tester determines the required strength for the separation of the flexible packaging materials such as laminates & sheets. This is crucial to enhance labeling standards and thus attain maximum consumer satisfaction.

Ques. At what speed the test is performed and why?

Ans. The testing speed of the peel bond strength tester is adjusted as per compliance with designated standards. However, the instrument is designed as operator-friendly equipment therefore the speed can be adjusted up to 300 mm per minute for expeditious testing measures.

Buy Peel Strength Tester Today

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