Best To Determine The Viscosity Of Plastics With Melt Viscosity Measurement Tester

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Melt Viscosity Measurement Tester also known as MFI tester is an extremely effective testing machine that helps to test the MFR, MVR, and MFI of the plastic resins. The melting process of the plastics is directly related to the melt flow index that explains the grade of the polymers. The testing machine calculated the flow rate of the plastics that are melted at a specific temperature and pressed with a certain amount of weight inside the cylindrical vessel of specific diameter and length. The primary use of the machine is in plastic manufacturing plants to measure the flow properties of molten resins, plastics, and granules. The process of the testing machine means the rate of thermoplastics or granules.

The testing machine helps to perform an excellent method to test the quality and performance of the plastic granules and polymers. The testing machine can accurately measure the flow rate of plastics in highly accurate manner.

Choose Best Quality Material with Melt Viscosity Measurement

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of testing machine to test the viscosity of granules i.e. Melt Viscosity Measurement Tester. Presto offers two models of MFI tester i.e. Deluxe Model and NXG model. The testing machine can be operated easily. The quality of the polymers can be determined with the help of this testing machine efficiently.

Presto is commencing the manufacturing process by following the guidelines that are mentioned in national and international standards. To know in detail about the machine or any of the model of MFI, Contact our experts.

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