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UTM Machine

Materials like rubber, plastics, metals, etc. are universal materials as they are used in the production process of a large range of products ranging from kitchen utensils to the automobile & aeronautic industry. All these materials have sub-categories as they have different origins which have variable properties. For example, the plastics used for disposable packaging have more ductility than strength but the plastics used in the automobile sector are extremely durable.

In view of the variable properties of the same material due to different sub-categories, manufacturers have to evaluate the strength & ductility levels of these materials before utilizing them in the construction of the final product. The final product must be made with absolute resilience & precision and should be left with no shortcomings at all for the maximum market capture due to the highest consumer satisfaction.

To aid manufacturers from all across industries whether aeronautical or automobile, the Presto Group has an outstanding lab testing instrument to offer. The instrument is known as the universal tensile machine as it is constructed as a one-stop solution for determining both strength & ductility properties of materials like metal, rubber, plastics & hard plastics.

The instrument functions with such ease & facile that it has gathered the attention of so many manufacturers all across the country. Let us take a look at the easy & facile working of the device.

Easy Functioning of the UTM  Machine         

The smooth functioning of the instrument helps manufacturers streamline the testing process and promotes hassle-free testing of a specimen that is going to be tested.

The instrument is offered with an advanced dumbbell-cutting press that is designed to condition the sample with precision and make the specimen test. The dumbbell-cutting press carves out the specimen into a dumbbell shape for a better grip on the universal testing machine.

Once the specimen is carved out and conditioned properly, the operator can place the specimen among the grippers of the UTM machine. The cross-head movement grippers have rugged surfaces that ensure no movement of the specimen during the course of testing.

The operator can now begin with the testing with the help of the feather touch control buttons & a dedicated rotary switch on the control panel of the instrument.

Out of the two grippers, the one on top remains stagnant but the other moves downward against the direction of the upper gripper forcing ductile strength on the specimen. The specimen withstands to the maximum potential but after a certain point of time, it breaks or elongates as per its mechanical properties.

The movement of the grippers is extended up to 380 mm and contracted to 25 mm and the movement of the grippers is manufactured in adherence with the constant rate of traverse method.

The maximum strength that the specimen could withstand is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display as the peak load value and the elongation of the specimen is also determined by the microprocessor-based digital display as the maximum elongation value of the instrument.

Both outcomes of the tensile test determine the strength as well as the ductility levels of the instrument which aids manufacturers to segregate materials as per their properties.

The tensile testing machine is offered with high-end attributes that contribute to its seamless testing process & assist manufacturers in achieving highly accurate test results with facile.  

High-End Attributes of the UTM Machine

The UTM machine is a lab testing instrument that is constructed in consideration of all the necessary features that are required for providing a seamless testing experience & accuracy-driven test results.

The most advanced feature of the instrument is its ability to test both the strength & elongation of materials due to the long traveling distances of the grippers. This allows the operator to test all material types under just one instrument, which is the reason that the instrument is called the universal tensile machine.

The instrument is equipped with highly advanced integration of the lead screws that ensure the smooth & constant movement of the grippers without any hassle at all.

The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that is offered alongside feather touch controls and dedicated rotary switches which amalgamate together to streamline the testing process and offer the highest level of comfort to the operator performing the test. The feather touch controls promote single-handed functioning, the rotary switch is dedicated to the on/off function & the microprocessor-based display indicates accurate results.

The instrument’s gripper-to-gripper cross-head separation can go up to 380 mm which is responsible for calculating the maximum elongation levels of even the maximum ductile materials like rubbers.

The conduction of the tensile test becomes a lot easier due to the provision of so many gripper types like wedges, vice, diamonds & zig-zag surfaced grippers that are used for variable material types. These grippers have rugged surfaces to guarantee no movement of the specimen.

The instrument is also accompanied by another accessory called the dumbbell-cutting press which is necessary for the conditioning of the specimen by carving it out in a dumbbell shape, making it easy for the grippers to grip them and firmly clamp them during the course of testing.

The tensile testing machine is offered with such high-end attributes and has therefore gained the name of a one-stop solution for manufacturers across industries. All these top-quality features have gained the trust of manufacturers and provide assurance to all of them by delivering precise results consistently.

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