Enhance the Durability of Plastic Products with the Izod Charpy Impact Tester

Enhance the Durability of Plastic Products with the Izod Charpy Impact Tester

Plastic & polymer-made products are used in widespread industry and are very handy materials for various purposes. They are used in electronic devices, packaging items, PET bottles, and a lot of industries as you can also witness from the daily usage of plastic & polymer products in our lives.

The material is responsible for assisting so many industries in different ways, which makes the manufacturers of these materials to be responsible for providing a good quality plastic material that is durable and able to withstand impacts when exposed to the environment.

The plastic-made products are used by so many people in variable applications that it becomes mandatory to construct the material in a durable form that can withstand impacts to a certain level.

The Izod Charpy impact tester is an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument, manufactured to assess the durability of plastic products against impacts to ensure a rough & tough build of items.

Let us understand the working of the Izod Charpy impact tester to determine how the instrument measures the durability of plastic materials with such precision. 

Working of Izod Charpy Impact Tester

The Izod method is majorly used for brittle plastic however, the Charpy method is majorly used for ductile plastic products.

The Izod impact testing is conducted by first cutting the sample as per the ASTM standards and also carving out a v-cut notch at the place of the impact with the hammer.

Once the specimen is ready, it is clamped firmly in the dedicated gripper designed for the vertical positioning of the sample, ensuring no movement of the sample while conducting the test.

The operator must make sure that the weight of the hammer is in compliance with the standards for the sample being tested. The hammer situated at the top and held by a brake pedal is then released, moving in a pendulum motion and generating energy from 1.7J to 21J (depending on the hammer weight) and impacting the sample.

The digital meter depicts the angular energy generated and forced on the specimen as well as the angular displacement that took place due to the impact thus, justifying the durability of the instrument.

The Charpy impact test also runs on the hammer’s pendulum motion to impact the specimen, assessing the ability of the sample to withstand impacts. However, the difference between the two is in the sample placement which changes the angular force.

The Charpy impact test is usually conducted when the specimen has more ductile strength as compared to its brittle strength and is bigger in size. The big sample is placed horizontally and the same process is continued as in the Izod impact testing.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has designed a top-quality impact resistance tester to aid the manufacturers of polymer industries and provide them maximum assistance with the features enrolled in the instrument.

Key Features of Izod Charpy Impact Tester

The impact resistance tester is designed to conduct two kinds of testing methodologies to assess the durability of plastic materials. The instrument is equipped with a lot of futuristic features that aid the manufacturer in deriving accurate results and the operator to simplify the task performance.

·      The Izod impact tester is equipped with different hammer weights which generate variable energy assisting the operator to simply attain the designated standard results consistently.

·      The instrument offers a top-notch quality gripper for the firm clamping of the specimen, allowing no movement at all during the testing thus, achieving accurate results.

·      There is an additional option of a notch cutter along with the instrument that enables the operator to carve the notch within the specimen as per the standard guidelines i.e. V-cut; 2.54mm.

·      The instrument is made with a mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint, enabling rustproofing and ensuring long-term durability of the machine even in corrosion-friendly environments.

Presto Stantes Pvt. Ltd. believes in assuring the finest customer service by providing the best possible features and by answering the questions & queries of the customers.

FAQs regarding Izod Charpy Impact Tester

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the impact resistance tester:

Ques. What are the two types of impact testing?

Ans.  The two types of testing methods are Izod & Charpy, wherein the Izod impact tester is used for smaller, brittle samples in a vertical positioning. However, the Charpy impact tester is used for bigger, ductile samples in a horizontal positioning.

Ques. What is the unit of impact test?

Ans.   The SI unit at which the results of the conducted tests are derived is Jules/cm2

Ques. What is the use of impact test?

Ans.  The impact test is necessary to be conducted accurately in order to evaluate the durability of the plastic materials against impacts that will later be used into final products which will be exposed to the environment.

Ques. What is the sample size of IZOD?

Ans.  The Izod impact tester accommodates a sample size of as per ASTM D256 & ISO 180 is 64 X 12.7 X 3.2 mm. The sample should also be carved with a V-cut shaped notch that measures at 2.54mm.

We hope that we were able to answer all your queries and questions regarding the Izod Charpy impact tester and assist you with all the suitable answers. If you want to seek more information regarding the ergonomically designed lab testing instrument, you can simply visit our website.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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