Evaluate the Seal Integrity of Bottle Caps with Torque Tester

Evaluate the Seal Integrity of Bottle Caps with Torque Tester


The Torque Tester is a lab testing instrument designed & manufactured by the Presto Group for the bottle testing industry. The major role of the instrument is to determine the angular force required to open the bottle caps and thus provide the customer with an easy but safe experience of bottle opening. The torque tester is used by various industries such as:

1. Pharma industry

2. Beverage industry

3. Liquor industry

4. Bottle manufacturing industry

5. Cap & closure manufacturing industry

All these industries use this phenomenal lab testing instrument, allowing them to get accurate results and deliver the desired consumer satisfaction to build brand reputation.

Let us understand the working & functioning of a digital torque tester and try to find out how the instrument successfully delivers accurate results.

Functioning Process of a Torque Tester

The torque tester is a very well-manufactured lab testing instrument, designed with a user-friendly perspective to determine the angular force or rotating force required to open the bottle caps or bottle closures.

To begin with the testing, it is a must to detach the safety pin provided for the accurate placement of the base plate.

The 150mm base plate consists of four adjustable knobs for the placement of the specimen as per the size. Once the specimen is placed between the knobs, they are firmly tightened with the help of a rotating wheel, allowing no sample movement during the test to ensure higher accuracy.

Once the specimen is tightened firmly, it is now the operator’s turn to open up the bottle cap manually. The angular/rotating force (torque) generated as per the requirement to open the closure is displayed on the bright LED digital meter.

To verify test results, Presto Group also offers the customers verification weights allowing them to gain assurance of the instrument for the test. The company also allows the customer to select different ranges from 25lb inches to 100lb inches.

This testing instrument is also boxed up with a lot of features along with a simplistic working mechanism to aid the operator.

Features of Torque Tester

The torque tester digital offers a lot of features that enable manufacturers from different industries to trust the lab testing instrument.

The most prominent feature of the torque testing machine is the provision of a safety pin or a safety latch that does not let the base plate move when not in use so that it remains stable and derives accurate results consistently.

The instrument offers adjustable knobs that allow the bottles of different sizes varying in dimensions to be tested on the same base plate, making the instrument a one-stop solution for all caps & closures.

Another top quality feature of the instrument which makes the operations extremely handy and free from any hassle is the handle at the rotating wheel, promoting single-handed operations and assisting the operator to adjust the knobs firmly with ease.

The Presto torque testing machine also offers an in-built calibration facility along with a ‘Tare Button’ to derive maximum accuracy.

The ‘Peak & Tare’ button of the instrument allows the operator to hold the maximum value for data collection and therefore, betterment of the specimen tested.

The torque tester also offers feather touch controls to operate the machine, making it simpler for the operator with a history recording facility of up to 9 previous readings allowing the manufacturer to compare records and also keep track of them for data collection purposes.

The Instrument delivers accurate results due to the perfect specimen foundation with the help of strong pegs (specimen holders) associated in front of the knobs with zero slipping support.

The provision of verification weights by the Presto Group has allowed the instrument to gain a lot of assurance throughout the industries. The verification weights weigh at 10lbs & 20lbs.

The construction of the torque tester digital is done to ensure long-term durability and longevity as it is created with stainless steel and mild steel material, the mild steel comes with a powder-coated paint making the instrument rustproof and also contributing towards the elegance of the torque tester due to the blue & grey classic Presto color scheme.

Installation Pointers One must Make Sure

This testing instrument is developed as a benchtop model, so it is a must to keep the instrument on a bench or a table that has a plain surface and can also withstand the weight of the industry.

Do not keep the product on a floor that is uneven or not plain as it might affect the accuracy of the test and deliver inaccurate results.


The torque tester is an industry-assured product by the Presto Group allowing the manufacturers of variable industries to measure the seal integrity and check the torque required to open bottle caps & closures. The instrument has helped the manufacturers in providing maximum satisfaction to the customers and thus successfully build brand reputation.

The torque testing machine is not just a user-friendly and feature-loaded instrument but also a very cost-efficient method to measure the seal integrity of bottles at the torque tester price it is offered. The instrument has developed a name for itself in various industries by enhancing consumer reviews regarding bottle closure/caps by providing the desired experience.

Buy Torque Tester ASAP!!!

The presto Group is the leading manufacturer of lab testing instruments. The company has developed the torque tester to assist manufacturers from various industries. 

If you also belong to any of the dedicated industries and are looking to measure the seal integrity or torque requirement to open bottle closures, please feel absolutely free to visit our website, you can also contact us at +91 9210903903. You can share your feedback and seek information by writing to us on our e-mail at info@prestogroup.com. We will be happy to serve you with highly advanced lab testing instruments. 


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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