What is the Purpose of Using a Hot Air Oven?

What is the Purpose of Using a Hot Air Oven?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

If you are in need of a sophisticated testing tool for sterilizing your products as well as evaluating their physical & chemical characteristics, then we recommend you use this product from the best hot air oven manufacturer in asia. This is an incredible testing instrument that may be used for curing, annealing, drying, and sterilizing the materials. This unique test cabinet will design to determine the actual working life of the testing specimen at elevated temperatures and to identify changes in the material's characteristics. The Presto laboratory hot air oven has been made in accordance with industry standards and provides you with a controlled environment to assess the work performance of polymer samples in heat elevation.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the purpose of using the Presto lab hot air oven. We will also provide you the information about the precautions that you must take while using this standardized testing equipment.

Sterilize different objects in Presto hot air oven

This laboratory hot air oven has been designed to be asses the change in the physical characteristics of the materials. This chamber is known as a laboratory hot air oven, and it will assist you in achieving a high temperature that can then be utilized for different testing and analytical applications.

In today's world, hot air ovens are in high demand in the manufacturing, rubber, pharmaceutical laboratories, and plastics industries. The working of this lab testing instrument is solely dependent on the thermostat for temperature control. 

This lab testing instrument will be helpful in sterilizing various objects like glassware (test tubes, flasks, and pipettes), metal instruments (blades, scissors), powders (sulfadiazine, starch, zinc oxide), materials that have oil and glass test tubes.

Other components used for dry heat sterilization in a hot air oven are:

  • Shelves
  • A fan
  • Temperature sensor
  • A chamber that is insulated covered by an outer case consisting of electric heaters
  • Thermocouples
  • Door Locks

The primary purpose of using a laboratory hot air oven is to thoroughly clean and sterilize the items. The majority of firms utilize this incredible testing equipment for biochemical applications. Wet sterilization is often preferable over hot-air sterilization of items. As a result, it is more suited to glassware. This lab testing equipment is also utilized throughout the curing process. This indicates that the material will be heated in order for the composition to solidify. The Presto hot air oven can be used in the plastics, rubber, and polymer research and testing sectors to do curing. You can read a detailed blog on the use of hot air ovens in different industries.

Whenever you are going to use this lab testing instrument then you need to follow some precautions while using it for sterilization purposes. Below we have listed the precautions that you must use while using this lab testing equipment.

  • Whenever you make use of this lab testing equipment, then you need to check the cord and outlet for any damage that has been occurred. 
  • If the oven does not operate within normal operating parameters, it must be removed from operation and not utilized until repairs are completed. To prevent usage, unplug the oven and place "Defective Equipment" marks on the outlet and oven door.
  • Check lab hot air oven calibration on a regular basis to verify that the temperature readout is accurate. 
  • Make sure the oven is set to the appropriate temperature for the experiment. The high-temperature shut-off set point is included in this.

You can read more about precautions while using a hot air oven and ensure that your testing machine will not overheat your material. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto laboratory hot air oven

You can simply test and analyze your sample and determine its quality with this lab hot air oven. Not only that, but the Presto lab hot air oven gives very reliable testing results in a chamber with consistent temperatures. We've compiled a list of high-end features that come standard with this lab testing instrument.

  • It comes with an innovative graphical menu-driven system
  • Temperature control through PT-100 sensors.
  • Highly accurate testing results under uniform temperatures in the chamber
  • High grade imported glass wool insulation for maximum thermal efficiency
  • It comes with an advanced microprocessor-based PID controller for different temperatures
  • Equipped with rapid air circulation German imported fan for uniform and homogenous heating and maintaining.
  • HMI-based touch screen display.

Technical Specifications of Presto laboratory hot air oven

  • Size : 455 x 455 x 455 mm (18” x 18” x 1 8” )
  • Display: HMI based Touch Screen display
  • Accuracy: ± 2ºC
  • Least Count/Resolution : 0. 1ºC
  • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Timer Range: 9999
  • Temperature Range: Up to 250ºC (Upper Ranges Available As per Requirement)
  • Communication port: USB
  • Inbuilt Soak Timer: Yes
  • Data logging: 
  •  Real-time date: time: chamber temperature Sample record
  • Tower Lamp: Optional 3 Identification lights (Red, Yellow, Green)

With these features and technical specifications, you can easily conduct the test and evaluate the quality of your product. You can also read about the working principle of a hot air oven to understand its smooth working. To know about hot air oven priceor want to conduct a free sample testing session, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will instantly provide you with assistance regarding your queries.

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