What Sample Size is Used for Performing Peel Test?

What Sample Size is Used for Performing Peel Test?

There are numerous materials used for the packaging of items to ensure their intactness and safety. However the packaging materials differ from each other as per the requirement of the item getting packed. For example, big items are packed into corrugated boxes whereas perishable items like food & beverages are packed with laminates & films.

These packaging materials are highly crucial to be tested under various testing standards to ensure that they are durable enough to withstand storage and transit hazards and thus ensure the safety & security of the item packed within.

One such testing measure is to ascertain the peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion strength of materials. This indicates the peel ability of labels & laminates used for informative & packaging purposes respectively. The Presto Group offers the Peel strength tester, made with precision to ensure the peel ability of materials sealed, bonded, or adhesively attached together against pull force.

The peel strength tester is a highly futuristic & technologically advanced lab testing equipment that promises the deliverance of accurate results consistently.

Let us take a look at how the functioning of the Peel Tester progresses, aiding the operator to achieve accurate results over & over again.

Functioning Mechanism of Peel Strength Tester

The peel tester is an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers from the flexible paper & packaging industry in assessing the peal/ seal/ bond/ adhesion strength of materials without putting in too much effort.

To assess the peel ability of materials it is highly important to understand the size of the sample that can be tested. The size of the sample must be 15mm wide and 150mm long. 

The conditioning of the specimen is a very crucial aspect and therefore it must be done properly. The specimen must be dipped into a chemical called toluene up to 25 mm for a duration of 15-20 minutes (approximately). The chemical has strong anti-adhesion properties which peels the specimen, forcing two different ends facing the same side.

Once the conditioning is properly conducted, it is time to start with the testing measure. Both the ends of the specimen that are peeled because of the dipping into the chemical are fixated into the jaws with rugged grippers of the peel bond strength tester.

The fixtures are firmly clamped to ensure no movement of the specimen. It is important to note that the specimen can be fixated into two different angles i.e. 180o & 90o as per the requirement of the manufacturer.

The grippers of the specimen play a pivotal role here. The upper jaw remains stationary, holding one end of the sample whereas the lower jaw moves downward i.e. in the opposite direction of the stationary gripper, exerting a pull force on the specimen thus, peeling the sample.

The grippers of the instrument can be as close as 25mm and can be separated up to 300mm. this enables the operator to test even the materials that contain flexible properties.

Once the specimen is completely peeled off of each other, the gripper separation automatically stops due to the provision of limit switches.

After the completion of the test, the results are indicated on the microprocessor-based associated with the electrical control panel that controls the testing by the operator.

The peel bond strength tester not only promotes single-handed functioning but also enhances the accuracy levels due to certain features that are incorporated within the instrument, enhancing the overall conjecture of the machinery.

Features Incorporated in the Peel Strength Tester

The peel strength tester is a feature-loaded lab testing instrument, made with absolute precision & top-class engineering to determine the peel strength of flexible packaging materials with minimal human intervention.

The most prominent feature of the adhesive peel strength tester is the construction of limit switches which makes sure that the gripper separation of the instrument stops once the desired results are attained or after the specimen is fully peeled.

The instrument also offers a rugged surface at the grippers with a firm clamping mechanism to ensure no slippage during the peel strength test and confirms accurate results repeatedly.

The instrument has a microprocessor-based display for the correct recording of attained results by the operator. The controlling aspect of the instrument also promotes single-handed functioning through the incorporation of feather touch controls.

The instrument offers an additional accessory called the chemical toluene for the conditioning of the specimen as per the requirements of the test. The presence of this chemical minimizes the input of human effort and thus eradicates the scope of human error.

The instrument is equipped with a robust construction with stainless steel & mild steel coated with 7-layered powder paint to imbibe rustproofing properties and thus prevent corrosion from the exposure of the instrument to the environment.

All these features amalgamated together into one lab testing instrument make it a one-stop solution for all the testing measures including peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion of materials from the flexible paper & packaging industry.

Loads of features & elegantly simple working mechanisms make the adhesive peel strength tester one of the top-notch lab testing instruments, serving manufacturers from the flexible paper & packaging industry in evaluating the peel ability of packaging materials with flexible properties.

Buy the Peel Strength Tester Today & Achieve Maximum Accuracy

Do not wait any further to enhance the peel strength of your flexible packaging materials by performing a peel strength test with the help of the Presto-made peel strength tester. The instrument is constructed with an operator-driven approach to enhance the testing quality and thus, the quality of final products to enhance the overall standard of living of each & every individual.

To seek more information regarding the specification of the instrument, you can log on to our website, you can place a phone call at +91 9210903903, or e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com.  The company aims to serve the finest products with technologically advanced features to manufacturers all across the industries for facile & ease of testing in compliance with designated standards.

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