What Technical Adjustments Needed for Starting Dart Impact Tester

What Technical Adjustments Needed for Starting Dart Impact Tester

In the packaging industry, the products like thermoplastic films, laminations, act as a protective barrier to avoiding your product from getting damaged. Thus, the dart impact tester is a widely used instrument used in different packaging industries where there is a need for testing the strength of the plastic films. This lab testing equipment is best for testing the ability of the film to withstand the various forces levied on it.

Whenever you use this lab testing equipment then there are some sorts of adjustments that you need to make while operating this machine. Here we are going to provide you with the information about those technical adjustments and how you can efficiently use this lab testing equipment for conducting the test.

Introduction about dart impact tester –Prima model

The Presto dart impact tester – Prima model is one of the effective lab testing equipment that is used for testing the strength of plastic films when comes in contact with a free-falling dart. The instrument is provided with an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism to avoid any type of interference in force exertion. The electromagnetic mechanism can hold a weight of up to 2 kg. This lab testing instrument is also provided with a digital counter that is helpful in determining the number of falls performed in a single test.

The dual clamping device provided with the machine is best for providing wrinkle-free clamping of the test specimen. Along with that, there is a shielding device provided with the machine to prevent the dart from bouncing back out of the machine upon impact.

The dart impact test method is one of the major testing methods that are used for testing the strength of the films and their ability to bear impact from a freely falling dart.

This advanced testing equipment will help to reduce your packaging errors by providing you with accurate testing results. Whenever you purchase this lab testing equipment, then there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. You can read about the factors to be taken care of while selecting a dart impact tester.

Features of Presto dart impact tester (Prima model)

Flexible packaging films are commonly used in the packaging industry for different purposes. One of the biggest and major forces that a plastic film has to bear is from freely falling weights. The freely falling weight can really damage the plastic films and hence ruin the whole packaging of a product. Thus, to overcome this problem, you can easily make use of dart impact tester testing equipment.

Here we have listed some amazing features of this lab testing equipment.

  • Electromagnetic hold and release mechanism for the dart to obtain accurate test results.
  • Digital Counter for measuring the number of falls during a single test procedure.
  • Circular annular clamping devices for zero slippage of the specimen during the test.
  • Shielding devices are provided with the machine to the prevention of darts from falling out after the bounce back from the specimen.
  • A must-have for the packaging industry to analyze the strength of plastic films.

These are the features you will get with the prima model of dart impact tester. These advanced features will help you in conducting the dart impact test more efficiently. Now, let us focus on the technical specifications of this lab testing machine.

Technical Specifications of Presto dart impact tester (Prima model)

  • Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism
  • Inner Diameter of the clamp: 127 mm
  • Diameter of The Dart Head: for method A- 38mm and for method B- 50 mm.
  • Maximum attainable height of the dart: 1524 mm
  • Diameter & Length of Method A dart: 38 mm ± 1 mm & 212.8 mm
  • Diameter & Length of Method B dart: 50 mm ±1 mm & 226.5 mm
  • Maximum weight holding capacity of Dart holding mechanism: 2 kg.
  • Dart head Material: Bakelite
  • Clamping Unit: Pneumatic Clamping
  • Material: Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated
  • Display: Touch screen
  • Regulated Air Pressure: Up to 5 BARS
  • Electrical supply: 15 amps. 220 V ± 5%. Single-phase AC
  • Power consumption: 1 KW

These are the technical specifications you will get with the use of this lab testing equipment. Whenever you operate this lab testing instrument then you need to follow some important instructions and make some technical adjustments.

Essential technical adjustments to be made before conducting the dart impact test

The dart impact tester from Presto Testing Instruments will help you to conduct a quick and precise test on plastic films so as to improve your product quality. Here, we have listed some essential technical adjustments whenever you take the test using this machine.

  • First of all, turn the machine on by plugging the main socket of the machine into a 3 pin 15 amp socket.
  • Connect the Pneumatic supply up to 4-6 BARS using a 6mm PU pipe.
  • Connect a footswitch to the bottom of the Machine in the Holder.
  • Adjust the height of the magnet as per the test requirement and sample specification i.e. 660mm / 1520mm. (as indicated on aluminum profile.
  • Once all settings are done slide your finger on the screen to access the main menu. Click on the Method setting Option.
  • Choose the Test method from the main menu. Select the option and enter all required details for both methods A and B.

These are some technical adjustments you can do in order to conduct the test efficiently with Presto dart impact tester. You can also get information about Foil Testing Instruments. To know more about this lab testing instrument, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our technical expert team will get in touch with you.

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