Thickness of Plastic Bottles

Inspecting the wall Thickness of Plastic Bottles is an important property that helps to measure the quality of the PET bottles and preforms. To solve this requirement of testing, Presto offers premium quality of Magna-Mike 8600.


The instrument is ergonomically designed with user-friendly features which make the instrument easy to operate and provide precise and repeatable test results. The device works on the methodology of Hall’s Effect that helps to perform non-destructive testing. The testing machine offers highly accurate and reliable test results. It is equipped with a colored digital screen that provides accurate results of wall thickness.

Magna-Mike 8600 is used to measure the thickness of plastic bottles that are used in packaging industries to pack different products. It is a portable and handy device that works on the simple magnetic method to make repeatable and consistent measurements of non-ferrous materials. The device can be operated easily. Wall thickness measurement of the bottles can be done when its target ball is placed inside the container, and the probe is placed on the outer surface of the device. The hall’s effect sensor of the machine accurately determined the distance between the target ball and magnetic probe. The result of thickness easily displayed on the digital screen.

It is an amazing testing device which is manufactured by Olympus. Presto is an authorized dealer of the instrument and offers the device to the manufacturers in India, Nigeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Zambia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and UAE.

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