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Tensile Testing Machine Digital

The Presto Tensile testing Machine is highly recommended for evaluating the tensile strength of products and materials. The equipment is based on the Constant Rate of Traverse (CRT) principle. It is equipped with an upper jaw and a lower jaw.

While the upper jaw is stationary, the lower one can be moved at a designated fixed speed with the help of a motor. The test specimen is held between the two jaws. The lower jaw is gradually made to move to evaluate the tensile strength of the sample.

The motor is equipped with a gear Box and a lead screw arrangement. The machine also incorporates a special sensor, connected with a load cell. The sensor is capable of judging the load exerted on the stationary jaw and directly indicating the reading in kgs (in digital format).

There are special case hardened lead screws which ensure stability and durability. It incorporates a standard branded motor and CE standard electrical wiring. The completely modular construction of the Presto Tensile Testing Machine ensures trouble free maintenance and easy operation.


Presto Tensile testing Machine is highly stable machine, built using heavy mild steel. Its strength and high quality can be attributed to the various built in safety arrangements, such as over load and over travel protection.

The Presto Tensile testing Machine has an Autumn Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating has been added to impart a corrosion resistant finish.

The Instrument comes complete with Instruction Manual; Electrical Wiring Diagram & Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs.

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Color Matching Cabinet in Tanzania

The Color Matching Cabinet for Tanzania offered by Presto is one of the most efficient testing devices that can be used for testing the color consistency and color quality of various products and materials. The instrument is widely utilized in a variety of industries such as Automobiles, polymers, textiles, paints, plastics and so forth. The instrument is the best option for industries to reduce the phenomenon of metamerism in their products. The device is equipped with several different light sources that are utilized to match the color of the specimen in different lights and ensure that it appears the same in every light.

The instrument is very robust and is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. It is given a corrosion resistant finish which eventually gives it a long life.

Metamerism is a common phenomenon that is exhibited by most of the colored products. This causes the materials to appear different in different lighting conditions. The industries need to ensure best color consistency of products in every lighting condition. The Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet for Tanzania is an ideal product that is used for elimination of the phenomenon of metamerism. There are various types of light sources used in the instrument including D 65, INCAA, TL 84, TFL, CWF, Ultraviolet black light.

Along with these light sources, the device is also provided with a time totalizer which gives the amount of time for which the instrument has been operated. The instrument is provided to the clients with a user manual for a better understanding of the working of this tool.

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Vacuum Leak Tester in Tanzania

In packaging industries where packaging materials like plastic pouches are manufactured, one of the major challenges is to ensure impeccable integrity and intactness of the pouches provided to the clients. The Vacuum Leak Tester for Tanzania is an ideal testing device that can be used for testing the leakage or pinholes in plastic packaging pouches. The instrument uses a very high amount of vacuum buildup to check the presence of any leakage or pinholes in the test specimen. The instrument has a very simple operation procedure and gives highly accurate results. The apparatus complies with all the international standards set by various agencies.

Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester for Tanzania is ideal for testing the integrity of plastic pouches with the help of high-value pressure and vacuum. The instrument is manufactured with best raw materials in the state of the art manufacturing facilities of Presto Stantest. The device is made according to the guidelines set in various international quality standards hence it is capable of providing highly accurate test results.

The digital preset timer provided with the apparatus helps in accurately setting the test time. The different sizes of desiccators provided with the equipment make it easier to test different sizes of the test specimen with the use of a single instrument. The pressure release valve and pressure gauge are best for controlling and monitoring the pressure buildup in the desiccators.

The device complies with all the essential quality standards and is provided with a conformance certificate and a user guide.

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Bottle Burst Tester in Tanzania

In PET industries, one of the most important concerns is to provide the PET products the best strength so that they could survive the high pressure levied on them during use. The PET bottles have to bear a very high amount of pressure when any type of pressurized liquid is filled with them. The Bottle Burst Tester for Tanzania offered by Presto is one of the best testing instruments used by the manufacturers of PET bottles to test the actual strength of the bottle when filled with a fluid. The test results obtained from the instrument are very helpful for the manufacturers in ensuring best quality and strength of the PET bottles. The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the international quality testing standards.

Presto is a globally known supplier and manufacturer of highly advanced Bottle Burst Tester for Tanzania that is used for ensuring the best quality of PET bottles. The instrument is provided with a digital control panel which allow easy operation of the instrument. The instrument is also equipped with additional safety features like steel cage at the placement area of the specimen and auto cut off facility which provides extra safety to the users as well as the machine. The instrument uses highly compressed air for commencing the test instead of liquid which provides better analysis of the specimen.

The device is in strict compliance with the international standards and is provided complete with an instruction guide and a conformance certificate.

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Polariscope in Tanzania

Presto's Polariscope for Tanzania is a very useful instrument that is used in most of the PET and Preform industries for quality analysis of the preforms that are used for blow molding of the PET products. The phenomenon of photoelasticity is very common in preforms which occur due to non-uniform distribution of stress on the surface of the preforms. This phenomenon can cause big quality flaws in the final PET products such as bottle and jars. In order to prevent any defective preform from blowing, it is essential for the manufacturers to check the quality of the preform before they are blown. This can be performed easily with the help of the Polariscope. The instrument is capable of detecting various flaws such as photo-elasticity, crystallization defect, flash marks, air bubbles and so forth. In this way, the manufacturers of PET products can save a lot of time and money by rejecting the defective preforms before molding. The equipment offered by Presto is simple and easy to operate and gives very accurate test results.

Presto is a major supplier and manufacturer of highly advanced Polariscope for Tanzania that are widely used by the manufacturers of PET products to identify various defects in the preforms they use for blow molding. The instrument is provided with two different light sources that are the white light source and monochromatic light source. The monochromatic light source is used for detecting the defects that are left by the white light.

The specimen is viewed under polarized light and then it is compared to the defects given in the preform defect chart to identify the type of defect. The instrument is very easy to operate and is open from three sides which allow easy placement and easy viewing of the specimen during the test procedure. The device is provided along with a user manual and a conformance certificate.

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Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester is a reliable index of measurement of strength and performance of materials like paper, paper boards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fiber boards, filter cloth, industrial fabric, leather and Rexene. With the help of a bursting strength tester, industries can ensure the best quality of products to their clients. Presto is one of the leading manufacturers of Bursting Strength tester.

Other models available of Bursting Strength Tester are: Digital Model, Pneumatic Model, Computerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping and Computerized Cum Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping.

The bursting strength of the sample is measured by applying the hydrostatic pressure required for producing rupture of the material, when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm. The value of the bursting strength will give an indication of the maximum weight that may be carried in the box. The quality of Corrugated Boxes is graded based on the value of their bursting strength. The Analogue Bursting Strength Tester is a testing instrument that offers highly reliable and accurate test results.

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Melt Flow Index Tester

Presto Melt Flow Index tester is used for evaluating the flow properties of molten plastics or resins. The Melt flow Index of thermoplastic materials is defined as the rate of flow (in grams per ten minutes) of extrudates of molten resins through a jet of a particular length and diameter. The test is carried out under prescribed condition of temperature, load and piston position in a cylindrical cavity inside a heated metallic tube barrel. The Presto Melt Flow Index tester accurately provides all standard terms of temperature and pressure strictly as per standards ASTM D 1238-1992, ISO 1133, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963, IS 10810-1984.

Presto Melt Flow Index tester is fitted with a Microprocessor based PID Temperature controller, with a temperature range from ambient to 400°C. It has a resolution of 0.1°C and an accuracy of ± 0.1°C. The instrument incorporates a digital presettable timer with a range of up to 59 minutes; 59 seconds and buzzer output. The provision of automatic sample cutting ensures the accuracy and smooth operation.

The equipment is built on a rigid metal base plate to ensure stability during operation. The Presto Melt Flow Index tester is finished in Autumn Gray & Blue combination painting. Further, a bright chrome / zinc plating has been added to impart a corrosion resistant finish. The Instrument comes complete with an instruction manual; Electrical Wiring Diagram & Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs.

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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG

Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is a widely used instrument in PET bottle industries. PET bottles are mainly used for packaging of various products such as carbonated drinks, food items and so forth. They are also used for packaging of chemical. The shape and size of the bottles is important for the better safety of the products that are packaged in the bottles. For the best shape and size, it is important to test the weight of every section of the PET bottles individually. This process is called the section weight analysis. For accurate section weight analysis, the individual sections of the PET bottles need to be cut properly and precisely without causing any deformation in the shape of the bottle. The Hot wire Bottle cutter helps in this testing procedure of the PET bottles.

The Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle cutter NXG is designed to easily cut the individual sections of the PET bottles. The capacity of the bottles that can be cut using the instrument ranges from 200 ml to 2000 ml. the maximum diameter of the bottles that can be cut with the hot wire bottle cutter is 110 mm. Each section of the bottles is cut in exact dimensions and not deformation occurs in the shape and size of the bottles during the cutting. After accurate cutting of the sections, each section is weighed on a digital balance for accurate measurement of the weight of the sections. This helps in controlling the manufacturing process for better quality assurance and quality control.

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Polariscope Strain Viewer

Presto offers Polariscope, a highly efficient strain viewer that helps the manufacturers in testing the quality and transparency of the products so that best quality assurance could be ensured to the customers. The working of the Presto’s Polariscope is based on the principle that any change in refractive index is due to different strain distribution and this leads to lower transparency of the material. The testing instrument offered by Polariscope comes in variety of sizes and specifications according to the requirements of the clients

Photoelasticity is a major phenomenon that occurs in PET, Preforms and Glass products. Photoelasticty means the change in the refractive index of the material when there is non-uniform strain distribution throughout the material. Photoelasticity can be a great problem for the manufacturers of PET and glass products as this is great flaw in the quality of the products.

Presto offers two models of Polariscope that are Polariscope Dx and Polariscope computerized. The instruments are manufactured with best quality of materials to provide an extended service life and accurate testing procedures. The testing instrument is provided protection from corrosion and rust with Zinc and chrome plating and has been given a smooth and attractive finish in grey and blue color. The instrument is also provided with an instruction manuals and a conformance certificate that can be traced to any of the NABL approved laboratories.

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Testing Instruments in Tanzania

Testing Instruments in Tanzania