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Drop Tester - Manually Operated

The Drop Tester, compliant with IS:7028 Pt IV standards, proves to be a valuable apparatus for assessing the transport suitability of corrugated, solid fiber boxes, and shipping containers. Featuring an angular drop arrangement, it ensures a precise evaluation of transport worthiness from various angles. drop test machine helps manufacturers in ensuring the integrity of packages by conducting accurate drop strength tests.


This Drop Tester machine is extensively employed across diverse industries to test and validate the strength of plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. Operating by dropping a test specimen from a specified height, it determines the specimen's strength. The testing equipment offers customization options, allowing it to be tailored to different specifications based on customer demands.


The drop strength tester has been equipped with a guide mechanism that allows for the convenient uplift of the test platform. Additionally, it features a drop height adjustable clamp, making it easy to customize the drop height as per your testing requirements. This testing equipment has the ability to perform both straight and angular drop tests using a single instrument, providing flexibility in testing procedures. The strong base plate and rugged structure of the  drop tester ensure stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for a variety of drop-testing applications.

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Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT Digital Model

Benefits of Edge Crush tester

The Edge Crush Tester – Digital (ECT) demonstrates robustness suitable for any paper and packaging production firm. It serves as the perfect testing instrument for industries such as paper making, packaging, quality inspection departments, and more. This digital ECT tester is valuable for assessing the potential compression strength of corrugated and solid fiberboard boxes by testing the paper and paperboard materials utilized in their production.

Edge Crush Tester / Ring Crush Tester / Flat Crush Tester is used for accurate testing of paper, paper-board, solid fiber-board & corrugated board for ECT test and its components. The Edge Crush tester can also be used for performing compression test on all small packages.

The higher ECT value determined by the ECT tester depicts the rigidity of the CFB box. Hence, it may be used to compare the quality of the CFB board. It is also possible to determine the compression strength of the box (CFB) by using ECT tester with McKee’s formula i.e.Compression strength = k. ECT x T x Z

Where K= Constant

ECT = edge crush test value

T=Thickness of CFB board (wall thickness)

Z= Perimeter of the box i.e. (2 L + 2 W)

Testing the edge-wise compression strength of corrugated boxes or cardboards is important in determining whether the materials will be strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping or not. Thus, to make it easy for the paper and packaging product manufacturers to conduct the edge-wise compression strength on materials, this high-quality edge crush tester has been designed by the experts at best price in Presto.

This digital model of Crush /RCT/ECT /FCT model is for a simple and accurate read-out on a digital display. It comes with electronic force measurement for the load and the key locks embedded in this lab testing instrument will help the users to prevent accidental or unauthorized resetting.

The microprocessor-based display has also been embedded for accurate testing results. With its strong gripping clamps, bright LED display, and other advanced features, one can easily test the edge-wise compression strength of the materials. It comes with an in-built calibration facility, users can get accurate testing results every time they conduct the test.

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Peel / Seal / Bond And Adhesion Strength Tester

Benefits of Peel/Seal/Bond and Adhesion Strength Tester

The Presto Adhesion Strength Tester serves the purpose of measuring the enduring adhesion or peelability of self-adhesive pressure-sensitive materials. Peel adhesion, in this context, refers to the force needed to remove a pressure-sensitive coated material from a standard test plate under specified conditions, at a specified angle and speed. Compliant with ASTM standards, the Presto peel tester machine is particularly well-suited for applications in the plastic packaging industry.

Constructed on a sturdy metallic base plate with an Autumn Gray & Blue combination finish, the instrument boasts a corrosion-resistant touch thanks to its bright chrome/zinc plating. 

The peel tester is provided with a comprehensive package including an Instruction Manual, Electrical Wiring Diagram, and a Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs.

Designed by Presto's experienced professionals, this testing instrument ensures precise measurement of the peeling strength of materials. Presto, a prominent manufacturer in peel strength tester manufacturing, specializes in producing peel/seal/bond and adhesion strength testers.

This high-quality lab testing instrument consists of a microprocessor-based display for accurate testing results. This peel-strength tester has been made in accordance with industrial standards that ensure users get highly accurate testing results. Besides this, the Presto peel strength tester comes with powder coated corrosion-resistant body that facilitates users to use this testing instrument for a longer period of time.

This lab testing instrument is easy to operate. Just place the specimen between the upper and lower grip and tighten the grip firmly and commence the test. Whenever the users can operate this testing machine then it is important for the manufacturers to place the specimen accurately. Users will get highly accurate test results under elongation force. Besides this, the Presto peel strength tester comes with feather touch controls that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the peel strength of adhesives with ease. 

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Tensile Testing Machine Digital

How Does Tensile Testing Machine Work?

The Tensile Testing Machine is highly recommended for evaluating the tensile strength of products and materials. This Tensile Strength Tester is based on the Constant Rate of Traverse (CRT) principle. It is equipped with an upper jaw and a lower jaw.

While the upper jaw is stationary, the lower one can be moved at a designated fixed speed with the help of a motor. The test specimen is held between the two jaws in this universal tensile testing machine. The lower jaw is gradually made to move to evaluate the tensile strength of the sample.

The motor is equipped with a gear Box and a lead screw arrangement. The tensile machine also incorporates a special sensor, connected with a load cell. The sensor is capable of judging the load exerted on the stationary jaw and directly indicating the reading in kgs (in digital format). If you are looking for high quality tensile testing machine India, then you can easily consult with our technical team. We offer the best tensile testing machine price and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers

There are special case hardened lead screws which ensure stability and durability. It incorporates a standard branded motor and CE standard electrical wiring. The completely modular construction of the Tensile Testing Machine ensures trouble free maintenance and easy operation.

The Tensile Test machine stands out as a robust and stable apparatus, constructed from durable heavy mild steel. This Universal Tensile Machine has strength and superior quality are ensured through integrated safety features, including overload and overtravel protection mechanisms.


Finished in a sophisticated Autumn Gray & Blue combination, the tensile compression tester further boasts bright chrome/zinc plating to enhance its resistance to corrosion.


The tensile strength testing machine has been Included with the instrument are essential components such as an Instruction Manual, Electrical Wiring Diagram, and a Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL-approved Labs. This comprehensive package ensures users have the necessary documentation and guidance for effective and accurate tensile testing procedures. 


The tensile strength test conducted with the help of the tensile strength tester will help the manufacturers to assess the maximum load a material can withstand without getting deformed. By using tensile testing machine manufacturers will ensure the tensile properties of the materials and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers. is a leading tensile tester manufacturer and offers the best tensile tester price to our clients.


The digital model of this high-quality testing equipment comes with an advanced load sensor with linearity feature and repeatability to conduct the tensile strength test on the materials with ease. Besides this, we have designed this tensile tester in such a way that it can easily be transported without getting damaged. The safety limit switches have been embedded in this testing machine for over-travel safety.

With its bright LED display, users can accurately view the testing results and ensure that quality materials are delivered. It comes with specially designed gripper jaws for holding fragile samples. Users can easily customize this tensile testing machine according to their needs and requirements.

tensile strength test machine is one of the widely used laboratory testing instruments in different industries including paper and packaging, paint and coating, construction, automobile, and much more. Users can accurately and easily use this tensile test universal testing machine to determine the quality of their products against tensile forces. If you want to know about tensile strength tester price then you can easily contact us. 

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Box Compression Tester Digital

How does Box Compression Tester Work?

Box Compression Tester is a lab testing instrument designed for measuring the ability of corrugated boxes to resist compression to make sure that their compressive strength is strong enough to avoid any sort of deformation or breakage while stacking during storage or transportation. The corrugated box is compressed or pressed by a platform moving downwards from the top simulating the pressure a box will withstand while getting stacked.

The lab testing instrument is manufactured to measure the strength and performance of a corrugated box and ensure the effects from other mediums like board, closures & interior partitions are not adverse enough to break or deform the box. Group has manufactured the Box Compression Tester to assist the paper & packaging industry as per International Standards. The hassle-free operations and ergonomic design make this instrument highly valuable.


Box Compression Tester is used to measure the box compression strength (BCT), shape change and stacking capability of cartons, beehive crates, paper tanks, paper cases etc. Box Compression Tester is designed to evaluate compression strength of the corrugated box and the load range selected to completely collapse as peak load or may be with a pre-determined load for a given period to evaluate stacking load. Compression Strength Test also serves as a useful index of over all quality of the material and workmanship of the box.

The Compression strength is determined by placing the box on a flat platform and pressing it downwards from the top with the help of a motorized arrangement. Box Compression Tester is designed to quantify box or container performance so that the effect of various board mediums, closures, and interior partitions can be plainly compared by means of Load & bend analysis. This high-quality lab testing instrument has been made in accordance with industry standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct the box compression test on the materials with ease.

This compression strength tester consists of a Microprocessor-based display that let the users view highly accurate testing results under uniform compression force. It comes with a strong base plate with a rugged structure and an optional printer facility. Users can easily operate this lab testing instrument with its feather touch controls. This testing instrument is also available in a computerized model also with various platform sizes and load cell capacity. Thus, with the use of this high-quality lab testing instrument, users can easily conduct box compression tests and ensure that their product will not get deformed or compressed while stacking. Our box compression tester Price in India is very good & reasonable according to our product quality. 

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Vibration Table

Benefits of Vibration Table & Chamber

Vibration simulation is an efficient and cost-effective way of determining damage caused by the repetitive movement in the vehicles. In just a few hours we can pinpoint potential damage areas in your package or product caused by vibration.

Vibration Table is a consistent tool for checking road worthiness of packages. It simulates the vibrations and jolts subjected to various packages and products during handling and transportation. The damage caused by repetitive movement of the objects is replicated by the Vibration Table. The user can set frequency and time and examine the damaged caused by visual inspection on completion of the testing. 

This high-quality vibration testing machine has been designed in accordance with industrial standards including ASTM D-999, TAPPI T-817-pm, and IS7028 (partII). With the use of this high-quality lab testing instrument, packaging manufacturers can easily test the quality of the materials against vibrations and protect the contents present in them.

The vibration table has been made in order to test the sturdiness and durability of packages against vibrations. Manufacturers of different industries make use of this high-quality lab testing instrument to ensure the transport-worthiness of packages.

This apt and powerful lab testing instrument will stimulate road transport-like circumstances with different frequencies. The load-bearing capacity of this high-quality testing instrument is 100 kgs and the frequency of this testing equipment can be adjusted between 2Hz to 6 Hz. With its bright LED display, users can easily conduct vibration tests on the materials is a leading vibration table manufacturer and provides this high-quality testing equipment at the best and most cost-effective vibration table price.

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Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester

Benefits of Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester

Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is designed specifically for measuring the resistance against rubbing and scuffing. This instrument can be efficiently utilised for identifying the properties of the printed material against different physical condition. These conditions may lead to deterioration of the printed material. To make inks and printing technology withstand different conditions, abrasion tester can be used. It has noiseless application and ensures uniform load distribution throughout the test area. It can determine the quality of the ink and other photosensitive coatings. Bonding of ink with printable surface is put to test. Rub resistance describes the ability of printed material to withstand marking, scuffing or smudging during handling in conversion, packaging, distribution and use. It simulates a similar environment to test the rub resistance on printed materials.

Presto ink abrasion resistance tester has been made to test the ink abrasion resistance properties of materials like printed labels, packaging labels, stickers, etc. This high-quality lab testing instrument is designed as per industrial standards that include ASTM F 2497-05, ASTM D5264-98 & TAPPI T830 OM -11. It has been accurately designed to determine the quality of printed materials. Once you use this lab testing instrument to analyze the abrasion properties of materials, then you will be able to deliver quality material that can bear marking, scuffing, or smudging during shipping and storage.

Presto is a leading ink abrasion resistance testing instrument manufacturer and provides this high-quality testing equipment equipped with high-end features. Users can easily install and operate this high-quality lab testing instrument with ease. The rub mode embedded in this testing instrument is based on arc reciprocating movement. Presto offers reliable ink abrasion resistance tester prices to our clients.

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Scuff Tester- Model No.PSR - 292 Patent No. 336716

Benefits of Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuffing refers to the process in whichtwo materials rub against each other. A Scuff Tester is employed to assess the rub resistance, which measures the damage incurred through rubbing, particularly on labels and general printed materials.

The Scuff Resistance Tester facilitates the rubbing of two printed surfaces against each other, facing each other in the same plane, at a consistent speed and under constant rubbing pressure. Widely utilized in the Paper & Packaging industries, this tester aids in evaluating color transfer from printed or coated surfaces during rubbing tests. It is designed and produced according to ASTM Standard and measures the number of double strokes required to cause Fuzz (distortion of appearence) and Peel (actual rupture of the surface).

With the help of Scuff Tester, the manufacturers can easily ensure the best quality of printed products to the clients.

By using this scuff resistance testing instrument designed by the experts at, check the print quality of the materials and ensure accuracy every time you ship your products to the customers. This lab testing instrument comes with a motorized weight arrangement on the plunger for noise-free working. It will firmly hold the testing specimen by its circular clips/clamps and comes with a motorized geared system for scuff movement.

This highly accurate lab testing instrument will easily measure the rub-proofness of materials, printed paper, carton packages, and board. Besides this, users will get accurate and precise testing results under a uniform load with the use of this high-quality lab testing instrument. Its user-friendly electronic controls and ergonomically designed features make it easy for paper and packaging product manufacturers to conduct scuff resistance tests on the materials.

Presto is a leading scuff tester manufacturer and provides the best scuff tester price to clients. It comes with a motorized weight arrangement on the plunger for noise-free working. With its user-friendly electronic controls and ergonomically designed feature, users can accurately conduct scuff resistance tests on the materials.

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Vacuum Leak Tester Digital


This high quality vacuum leakage tester has been compiled with national as well as international standards including ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D 4991-07(2015), and ASTM D6653, ensuring accurate and reliable lab testing results.


How it works:
The  leak detector and seal integrity testing unit is a high-quality machine that consists of a clear acrylic vacuum chamber and system, a control valve, and an indicator gauge. Packages to be tested are simply placed in the clear acrylic vacuum tank, the lid is closed and 
Vacuum leak tester engaged. You can then choose which testing method to use based on your company’s standards and requirements. A complete test can be accomplished in just a matter of seconds with immediate results!

Testing Standards (Methods):
ASTM F 2338-09(2013) – Non-destructive detection of leaks in packages by vacuum decay method.
The ASTM D6653 is the standardized testing equipment that accurately determine the effect of high altitude on packaging systems.
ASTM D 4991-07(2015) – Destructive Leak integrity test by vacuum method for empty rigid containers. Leaks are detected under differential pressure conditions.

Testing Specimen Types:
Different types of testing specimen can easily be tested with the help of this testing equipment includes rigid trays, vacuum packs, themoform packages, sachets, flow wraps, form fill seal and reclosable packages.

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Laboratory Heat Sealer - Prima Model - PLHS-22 (150 mm)

Benefits of Heat Sealer Machine

Heat Sealer Prima is a consistent tool used to perform sealing on flexible packaging products and other thermoplastic materials using pressure and heat by maintaining high temperatures.  A heat sealer is used to measure the heat seal performance of composite films, plastic films such as PP, PE used in packaging different food products such as milk powder, instant noodle, food, washing powder, and drugs.

The Presto (Pneumatic Model laboratory) Heat Sealer is widely used in the plastic industry. The temperature of the Presto Heat sealer is also adjustable. The instrument has been provided with Digital Display and is Microprocessor based.

Both the upper and lower jaws of the Presto Heat sealer are heated separately with separate temperature sensors and controllers. Thus, it is possible to maintain both jaws at different temperatures. It is even possible to switch off one heater, while keeping the other on.

The Presto lab heat sealer is widely used in the packaging industry to seal flexible packaging products and other thermoplastic materials using heat and pressure.  This high-quality heat seal testing instrument comes with a microprocessor-based display for accurate test results. This lab heat sealer comes with a sealing temperature working range of ambient to 230 degrees Celsius. Presto is a leading manufacturer of laboratory heat sealers and offers this testing equipment embedded with highly advanced features.

The Presto heat sealing equipment has been manufactured as per industrial standards that include ASTM F 2029. Besides this, it comes with a PID temperature controller for the highest level of control and repeatability. It comes with a digital preset timer and works on a guide rod mechanism for efficient control of sealing. With the use of this lab testing instrument, one can effectively test the seal strength of packaging films and ensure quality material will be delivered to the customers. This consistent and easy-to-use lab testing equipment will make the product more functional by determining its sealing strength. You can get more information like laboratory heat sealer price then you can easily consult with us.

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Dart Impact Tester

Benefits of Dart Impact Tester

The Presto Dart Impact Tester is used for determining the impact of a free falling dart on a plastic film. The energy of the falling dart causes the film to fail under specified conditions. The dart has a hemispherical head and is held by a strong electromagnetic dart holder. The dart is released from the holder at the press of a button. It can be dropped from variable heights.
The Presto Dart Impact Tester is widely used by plastic film manufacturer for assessing the strength and durability of their plastic films and similar other products.

Presto Dart Impact Tester has been built on a rigid metallic base. It is highly recommended for evaluating the impact resistance and impact failure load of polyethylene films under specified conditions.

PRESTO Dart Impact Tester is widely used by plastic film manufacturer for assessing the strength and durability of their plastic films, flexible films, sheets and similar other products. Works according to both Method-A and Method-B of test standard.

The equipment has been given an autumn gray, and blue combination finish and the chrome/zinc plating ensures resistance to corrosion. The instrument comes complete with an instruction manual, electric wiring diagram and a calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs.

Plastic films are used in a variety of applications, such as packaging and automotive components. However, plastic films can be damaged by dart impact forces. Therefore, it is important for the packaging manufacturers to conduct the dart impact test on them and test the product quality. Presto being the leading manufacturer of dart impact testers will ensure that your plastic films and other related materials can easily be tested against dart impact forces. This high-quality lab testing instrument is widely used in the packaging industry in order to test the puncture-resistant properties of plastic films and other related materials.

By conducting dart impact tests on the materials, manufacturers can easily ensure that the right quality of product will be delivered to the customers. This drop impact tester has been designed in accordance with industry standards that include IS 2508:1984(R2003), and ASTM D1709-16A. With its electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism, one can easily test the dart impact resistance strength of the products with ease.

This lab testing instrument has been built on a rigid metallic base with a strong electromagnetic dart holder. Users can easily conduct the dart impact test on the materials and get reliable and accurate testing results. With its clamping shield height adjustable collar feature, the users can easily adjust the height of the clamp and conduct this quality test on the materials with ease. Presto offers the best dart impact tester price to our clients and ensures that users can accurately conduct this quality test and deliver quality products to the customers.

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Colour Matching Cabinet - CMC - Asia

Benefits of Colour Matching Cabinet

The Presto Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum Asia II is one of the widely used lab testing instrument in the industries and laboratories where it is important to maintain the color consistency of the products. This color matching machine will provide accurate assessment of colors under standardized environment for evaluation and visual assessment of colors.

Metamerism is a phenomenon wherein the test samples appears to match under one light source but seem different when viewed under another light source. In such situations it is highly beneficial to use the Presto Color matching cabinet. The equipment is widely used in the paint and plating industry, besides textile & yarn, plastic, paper and other areas.

The Presto color matching cabinet – Spectrum Asia (Rocker Switch Control) provides faster, closer and accurate color matching solution. It has, thus, been the universally preferred choice for decades.

Presto has designed this color matching cabinet- CMC Asia that has been embedded with different light sources to test the quality of colors in a manufactured product. This will help you to maintain the quality and consistency of colors and make sure that you deliver Metamerism-free products to your customers.

With its standardized and controlled lighting conditions, one can easily ensure that high-quality products will be delivered to the customers with ease. This high-quality testing equipment has been made in accordance with industry standards that include ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, and DIN 6173. The angle of the viewing booth is 45 degrees so that the users can accurately view the color difference in the product with ease. We at Presto are leading color-matching cabinet manufacturers and provide the best color-matching cabinet price.

With the expanding demand for accurate colored products in the market, we at Presto have designed this quality product to ensure that the right product will be delivered to the customers with ease. With its consistent testing environment, you will be able to test your products accurately and test any sort of color difference present in the product. This lab testing instrument is widely used in different industries and ensures that products will be tested for color accuracy.  

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Bursting Strength Tester Genie Smart 3.0

Bursting Strength Tester is a reliable index of measurement of strength and performance of materials like paper, paper boards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fiber boards, filter cloth, industrial fabric, leather and Rexene. With the help of a bursting strength tester, industries can ensure the best quality of products to their clients. Presto is one of the leading manufacturers of Bursting Strength tester.

Other models available of Bursting Strength Tester are: Digital Model, Pneumatic Model, Computerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping and Computerized Cum Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping.

The bursting strength of the sample is measured by applying the hydrostatic pressure required for producing rupture of the material, when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm. The value of the bursting strength will give an indication of the maximum weight that may be carried in the box. The quality of Corrugated Boxes is graded based on the value of their bursting strength. The Analogue Bursting Strength Tester is a testing instrument that offers highly reliable and accurate test results.

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TP 800 Portable Spectrophotometer

The TP800 Portable spectrophotometer is patented device that is designed and manufactured by Testronix. The most prominent features of the device incorporate high-performance stability, precision in measurement, and other powerful functions in best class of the industry they are used in.

During the research and development process of the product, the engineers and scientists have performed several measurements on a variety of samples of colors such as white and black, dark and light and several other color boards standardized by ISO. The parameters, according to which the test procedure is conducted, are in strict compliance with the international standards.

R&D team of TESTRONIX has also done a detailed analysis of portable spectrophotometers with different standards such as Japanese, American, German standards. The L*ab value had a difference under ±1.5 between the standards of different countries but when TP800  was compared with Japanese spectrophotometer, during the measurement of any colored object, the highest difference between the L*ab values was found to be ±1.0. This is a testimonial for highly advanced technology and quality used by Testronix that strictly adhere the standards of international market.


The TP800 portable spectrophotometer has been used in many major industries such as textile manufacturing, textile processing, paint industries, electronics, plastics, food, medical equipment, educational institutions and research institutes, etc. reflectance spectrum as well as other color indices can be measured using this product in a very precise manner. The instrument can not only help in matching the color and color management, but it is also an effective tool for efficient management of controlling the product quality. The equipment comes with a high-class software for color management that can be connected to the computer so that more extended function could be achieved.

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Cover Paper Testing Instruments

 Cover Paper Testing Instruments

Cover Paper Testing Instruments